Private Practice Spoilers: Let the Death Pool Begin!

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The cat is out of the bag. On the May 13 season finale of Private Practice, someone dies.

An original, popular Private Practice cast member. This is not small-time stuff here.

Who do you think it is? Here's a look at why (or why not) it could be anyone ...

Addison Montgomery

Why she'll die: She's the star of the show, which would be huge for buzz.
Why she'll live: She’s the star of the show. Likely an unpopular choice.

Pete Wilder

Why he'll die: To dramatically alter several ongoing story lines.
Why he'll live: To continue the ongoing, dramatic story lines.

Naomi Bennett

Why she'll die: Audra McDonald's schedule; So Addison and Sam can be together.
Why she'll live: Addison's BFF has been a surprisingly deep, valuable character.

Original Private Practice Cast

Which of these characters is living on borrowed time?

Cooper Freedman

Why he'll die: All the pent-up stress gives him heart problems?
Why he'll live: Because we'd really miss the comic relief.

Charlotte King

Why she'll die: Charlotte has always been a bit of an outcast.
Why she'll live: She's awesome, and you need that outcast.

Dell Parker

Why he'll die: The show never seems to know what do do with him anyway.
Why he'll live: Very popular with fans, still untapped character potential.

Sam Bennett

Why he'll die: So entwined that it would rock the show for years to come.
Why he'll live: Taye Diggs is too hot.

Violet Turner

Why she'll die: She's distant, emotionally unstable, and the worst mom ever.
Why she'll live: The redemption of Violet would make for a great story too.

Well, who do you think will die this season on Private Practice? Vote in our survey below, and leave us comments with your reasoning as well ...

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I think it may be Cooper. :( I've been to other sites which have pictures posted from next weeks episode and Cooper is in none. Remember he was sitting in Violet's office with her and she said "Go get Charolette, now!".. I hope it's not Cooper though. :(


It's Cooper. He drank that sugar cane alcohol before he left Violet's, and as someone mentions above he looks like the crash victim. Plus he's had his little make up moment with Violet and Charlotte is moving on. They don't need to kill of Dell because he just got into UCLA med school.


i'm thinking maya will die or the baby will die but either of them nobody big cuz on IMDb it says: Maya and her unborn baby are fighting for their lives on the operating table, and Addison, Amelia and Fife try everything humanly possible to save them. Meanwhile, Sam operates on an incoming crash victim and later makes a grim discovery; Cooper makes an ill-timed but valiant effort with Charlotte, and the staff's world gets rocked by an unexpected death. so i'm thinking the guy that hit maya is the guy that Sam operates on and he's also the kidnapper( since he ran last episode) and i'm thinkin maya or maybe violet die cuz she's depressed still maybe


What about Sheldon? he could be the one in the other car?


Honestly, I think Pete is going to die and Maya is going to be brain dead, thus opening up the door for Addison to still get her baby. Violet will get her child back, and Addison will seek comfort in Sam, who will fight for custody for his grandchild from Dink.


My hypothesis is that Cooper is the guy who was in the other car and he dies, but Maya and baby live. If you look back at the episode, it even looks like him getting out of the ambulance. Sure the hairline is screwed up, but possibly from the wreck? the facial structure is the same and there's the pink shirt he was wearing when Violet told him to go after Charlotte.


its going to be Maya and the baby


Naomi - plane crash on her way back to see William.


I'm pretty convinced it's Dell. they don't seem to have any more sl's for him and it's been confirmed that Chris Lowell won't be returning next season. but maybe they'll surprise me and cut off 2 of the regulars?!


i think itll be pete, violet or naomi... Pete because its supposed to be a crash victim and well...pete DOES drive a motorcycle and it would cause a lot of drama because violet would probably get Lucas and Addison will be upset..especially because there is supposed to be an engagement...if pete and addison get engaged...itll be sad...or addison and sam---itll make addison feel extremly guilty Violet may die because no likes her much anymore, and itll clear the way for addison and lucas, imean pete...or addison will see pete extremlyupset and theyll break up clearing the way for addison/sam naomi because shes uber annoying and everyone will be sad on the show

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