Sendhil Ramamurthy Officially Exits Heroes

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It had been a rumor for weeks, but Sendhil Ramamurthy made it official a couple days ago: he won't be returning to Heroes.

Then again, the show itself might never air a new episode, as NBC is yet to commit to a fifth season, following a fourth season that averaged a dismal 5.22 million viewers/hour.

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It's impossible to blame Ramamurthy for his decision. The character of Mohinder Suresh has been a complete, misused mess ever since he killed a dude in Central Park and embraced his dark side for a couple episodes years ago.

If Heroes does return, will you miss Mohinder on it? Or should the show continue to axe characters until only a core group remains?

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I have just finished watching heroes for the second time and I still am gutted about the end it needs to be ended right for the true fans who seen it to the end plz plz can someone sort it out


I totally agree with you boom, and I think that the prieovus seasons, Community definetly achieved the multiple goals of being funny, telling a story, and being original/quirky/weird whatevahyouwannacallit.But I think they're losing their balance recently, and the fact that it's harder to relate to Abed (at least for me) as things goes doesn't help to care about a story where he is the focal point.I'm not rooting for it to be cancelled or to be more cookie cutter as you say, but I just hope it gets back to the right nalance and magic it prieovusly had.I'll still be watching anyway because orignality deserves to be rewarded but I'm not enjoying it as much as before (but tbh last week's episode was a lot better and was a lot more enjoyable).


best of luck for ur movieis,what aver you do in ur fucher god blats you my dear love sandhil


I have missed Suresh since begining of last season! They definately gave up on his character, he wasn't even narrating anymore! They also gave up on many of the main characters and are making it only about Claire, Peter, Noah, and Sylar. They have a great cast they just fail to use it!
The show has a good core, stronger writers are certainly to be desired.
Do I think the show should end? NO! The ending would not be fair to the fan base...if they can demand shows like jericho back I think Heroes deserves another chance!


This show has lost it's way. Theirs been over 30 plus characters that have been killed on this show. It went from saving millions in season 1 & 2. To the Hereos fighting amongst themselves. It went from Families staying together and winning in the end of season 1. To every family being torn apart and fighting each other. How depressing! Would Peter trade his abilites for his brother's life if he new what was going to eventually happen to him. Check out the where it all went wrong forum and you'll see John bring up a good point of all the characters who have lost people close to them.


Oh an also yeah take out some of the smaller char's, its time for the show to really show how these char's were meant to be i mean really when you watch the first season you think this show is something along the line of lost as its writing and story telling was amazing but now its more like some small network show just filling in for the big shows returns.


Yeah i agree the writer's really spoiled claire's char for me claire/niki/peter were the backbone of the show and there char's should have stayed true to how they were in season 1


I'm totally with Derek, it'll never happen but I wish it could.
As soon as the writers' strike happened the quality vanished, it's as if the brilliant writers' who been responsible for the first 2 volumes went on permanant strike and never returned and were replaced with these no-hopers who don't even appear to have watched earlier episodes.
I want them to tie up lose ends in a final volume but fear we've come too far down crap alley for them to end it well. I do want to see the characters one last time, and I want Claire to be made mortal (so someone can finish her off, I mean couldn't someone have arrived at Nathan's wake when she was around Peter and killed her then. She's so annoying, and that's so sad cos she never was in the first volume and only gradually was becoming grating in volume 2, she could have been redeemed in volume 3 with good writing).


I wish they could just go back to where the story was just after season 2, make it so that the Shanti virus was released (as was intended) and go from there (back when the plot was actually going somewhere that made sense.) From the moment they strayed from the path and rewrote the ending of the "Generations" arc, the show has been one great big mess with only a few saving moments here and there.


Hurry up and make a new season! Don't axe Parkman, pushing thoughts is pretty raw. Yes, Peter needs to have his FULL powers back, no more of this one at a time crap. Skylar is more interesting as a villain, not sure why they are trying to ruin a good thing there.

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