Sendhil Ramamurthy Officially Exits Heroes

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It had been a rumor for weeks, but Sendhil Ramamurthy made it official a couple days ago: he won't be returning to Heroes.

Then again, the show itself might never air a new episode, as NBC is yet to commit to a fifth season, following a fourth season that averaged a dismal 5.22 million viewers/hour.

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It's impossible to blame Ramamurthy for his decision. The character of Mohinder Suresh has been a complete, misused mess ever since he killed a dude in Central Park and embraced his dark side for a couple episodes years ago.

If Heroes does return, will you miss Mohinder on it? Or should the show continue to axe characters until only a core group remains?

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I can live if they get rid of a few characters as long as they don't get rid of Peter. Milo Ventimiglia is the greatest thing about the show if he kleft there would be no reason to watch anymore. Peter's character is at the root of everything on the show.


I'm sad for this. Mohinder was such a good character, that was kinda ruined in this last season. However I don't blame Sendhil for this decision. If i was an actress and I saw a character that I gave a lot of my time to portray becoming like this, I would probably move on to other projects.


Not at all. Heroes needs to remove "Useless" characters and bring in a new character here and there. The problem with season 2, was that we were introduced to MANY new characters, with very little back story. Sadly the show keep Maya, and got rid of Monica. Best advice I can give, bring back Samuel, and a few of the carnies; remove suresh, matt, mama pettrilli and even ando. OH YEAH, keep the plot consistent (go back and explain Jessica--Nikki's twin) Did she ever exist, because of Tracy/Barbara story. Give Peter back his Complete ability, and LEAVE SYLAR the villian.

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