Series Creator Bids Goodbye to Ugly Betty

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When all was said and done on Ugly Betty last night, our favorite magazine editor chose... nobody.

She picked up, moved to London... and ran into Daniel. Dinner was planned between the pair, but viewers were left in the dark about how it ended.

Why did series creator Silvio Horta go this route? How does he feel now that it's all over? He went into detail about the show in an interview with TV Guide:

On Betty and Daniel's future: They've been there for each other for the entire course of the series and to end with that possibility  and what I think you end with is a possibility - with anyone but Daniel seemed off. Are they together after that? I don't even want to say. I have my version in my head of what happens after she walks away from him, but I think everyone can have their own interpretation.

A Finale Shot

On casting Bryan Batt: I'm just a huge fan of his from Mad Men; he's a terrific actor. That was one story line that some people were like, "Do we need to reopen that?" and for me, it was way overdue. I wanted to answer that one question. It was egregiously left open.

On the soft side of Wilhelmina: Wilhelmina will always be Wilhelmina, but over the course of the series there have been times when we've seen a lot of that softer side. But I think on the show, as in real life, people are what they are. If you were to imagine these characters beyond the series, she's not going to become a saint.


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I have seen the other versions of ugly Betty. I think that this production was very, very good. I hope there would be a new serie of Betty.
I think that Betty is very inspiration. This serie show us that anybody can go after your dreams and conquer them. In Bettys world nothing is impossible. I hope Betty can return again to the TV.


I strongly disagree with what the first commenter said, even though I have not seen the other 2 versions, I think this is a good ending. In my opinion, it wouldn't be betty if she ended up with someone, truth be told, I was devastated when I heard they were gonna make her pair up with a random person, well not random, but a person who has not been a person of interest for a long time. It wouldn't be betty if she just jumped right into a relationship. In my opinion once again, this was a great finale, and I loved the way they presented it, best ending I could possibly think of.


i was so disappointed with the finale... seriously!!! sucky ending!! this was supposedly the remake of all the other versions in other countries and i've seen 2 other..and the ending was supposed to have betty and daniel fall for each other and this has been the crappiest ending ever!!! the ending would be an ending to a season not an entire series..


Bring back BETTY! That was a great show.


i miss betty,cant believe shes gone... lets ask ABC to resume UGLY BETTY join the group on facebook n give your comments luv u betty!!


the producer didn't drop it - whatever station it was on did :( but apps, there will be a film :) so maybe we'll find out the true ending then...i hope so anyway :):):) i think they would have gotten together. they knew each other better than themselves. they were perfect


i will miss it! such a great show.
i LOVED how at the end when ugly betty poped on the screen and then they took out the ugly.
i dont even know why! it was so sweet. i was smiling and i awwwd :)


I loved Ugly Betty! It's too bad you cancelled this great show! I loved the whole show and looked forward to it every week! Every week was a surprise! It's too bad you didn't give the characters enough time to finish off their lives, everything was hurried, like Betty's Father! Betty's nephew! Daniels's Mother, what's happened to these characters? I loved the episode that was filmed in the Bahamas! Super!!! Great romance with Wilomena and her boyfriend! Please make a movie out of this series! Every time a good programme comes on TV some idiot producer decides to pull the plug because of the ratings! You moved the show around so much during the week we couldn't find it in Canada! You need real people to give you a rating not some rating that you go by in your studio! There are not many shows left on TV that were this good! What is the matter with you people who produce these shows! I'm sick of having good programmes cancelled because there is lower ratings! You never think of the TV audience out there only yourselves! You suck!!!!

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