The Gossip Girl Plus-Minus Index

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The Gossip Girl +/- index from New York Magazine is never to be missed. Their Tuesday morning breakdown of the previous night's episode is one of the best pieces of Gossip Girl coverage out there (at least one of the best not on this site)!

Some highlights from their take on "Inglorious Bassterds" ...

  • First thing in the morning and Serena is wearing a pleather T-shirt. Plus 2.
  • Chuck wouldn't show his hand so easily. When you start off by saying "I'll do anything," guess what you're going to end up doing? Not nothing. Minus 5.
  • Nate would believe Serena would have a “garter holster” for a phone. Plus 3.
Serena Spat
  • Why does Serena need a real knife to play Assassins the game? Minus 2
  • Dan is totally sad that Serena never threw him a surprise party. Plus 2.
  • Rufus used Bing? Come on. What is he, Rachel Zoe? Minus 6.
  • Plus 1 for Dorota's leather S&M maid cap.
  • Vanessa thinks Dan's bad breath is adorable. Shudder. But that is exactly  the kind of early relationship lie that nerds like to tell. Plus 2.
  • Serena would smell rival blonde underage poon a mile away, and like Eric, would have seen through Jenny's machinations. Minus 4.
  • Eric wouldn't show his naked Japan bathhouse friends off in front of Rufus. Stepdads are not for stranger sex stories. Minus 3.

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These cheap wow gold are incredibly good, manner, and seem fantastic! I are not able to wait to invest in yet another !


gud for Dan.. i realley hated his character.. Serena so much better with Nate...the surprise party its totally great for Nate... I love Nate & Serena.. They both look so good together.....


I wouldn't give a minus 4 for S being naive in connection with Jenny..cause I think she does suspect something, it was just played down...and subtle. She is suspicious, however, Jenny's almost-rape story is true, and I'm guessing she's mildly confused. I think she'll confront J sooner or later. Now, for that, I want B as her sidekick...;)


The thing about Eric is this: he's about 15 or 16 in this show, right? How does he travel to Japan, have multiple sexual encounters, and then sit at the dinner/breakfast table and actually tell his stepfather about all of this as if he were just talking about the weather? Rufus is a better father than that, yet he showed no concern for the fact that his minor stepson was out of school, cavorting with strangers, thousands of miles away from home? I realize we're watching TV, so much of what we see is unrealistic but this seems to go against Rufus' character... Anyway, glad to see Eric back--I've missed him on the show :)


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