The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 2

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The second edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest has come and gone.

Thank you to everyone that participated - but, as always, there can only be one winner and we've awarded this week's prize to "Meg."

That reader clearly wants to drum up some tension between characters, as evidenced by her entry. Check it out now, underneath the photo, and remember to take part in this feature every week!

Vampire Discussion

Matt: You may have a better car Stefan but I've slept with BOTH these girls.

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Matt : "Stefan, here's the deal : if I can get the car, you can have both girls"


M: Hey guys look, i can make a finger puppet on the car!
S: Thats uh...well...thats something.
C: Really Matt! After what you just did in there, thats all you care about. What about me! Do i even matter?


-aquward silence-
MATT: so....who wants to go make out?
ELENA:im in.


C: Let's go inside; it's cold and I'm STARVING.
S: Oh, you have no idea.


stefan:so uh you guys like my porshe?
elena:wasnt it supposed to be silver?
matt: since when did u have a porshe?
coaroline:can everybody please shut up an stop focusing on this ugly dinosaur and maybe pay a little more attention to what the script says?!
matt: sorry babe im gonna have to ditch u for this car no matter what the stupid script says. so stefan you mind if i take the car for u know a little spin?
stefan: sure just dont go near the old woods. it is full of malach and i dont want u wrecking my porshe.
matt: malach? this is the show not the book.


Matt: do you think you maybe you could let me drive it around, you know, with caroline?
Stefan: well, i think we can make an exception


Caroline:wow,this is fun,just standing around looking at a old ass car.
Elena:Caroline your being rude
Caroline:oh Elena what else is new duh,I'm just saying
Stefan:she's entitled to her opinions Elena
(Matt stares at Elena everyone notices)
Matt:what?,i thought i saw something
Caroline:yeah they're call Elena's Breast"
(she storms off upset)
Matt:Great,just great.


Caroline: Hey,it's freaking cold in here why don't we go inside already!?
Stefan: Shhh,women! Haven't you read the script,right?! It's time for some Damon action !


Matt: No canned blood?
Stefan: Nope.
Caroline: No sparkle?
Stefan: Nauta.
Elena: You now see I get the crap end of the deal.


Matt: So can u give me tips on how to get my hair like yours and damons?
Stefan: Don`t even try...

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