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The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 4

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Thanks so much to everyone that participated in this edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

It was a spirited affair, but there can only be one winner - and we've awarded that honor to "D-Train" this week. Check out that user's triumphant effort below the photo and don't worry if you lost.

There's always next time. Good luck!

There Goes the Neighborhood Pic

Damon: Ha! You can't tag me. This is home base.

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damon: you need and iphone or and ipad
pearl: i what? pad? i dnt get pms u know
-anna hits forehead-


pearl: so you see damon..i need some - *cuts her off*
damon: look. face. bovvered? i aint bovvered!


Damon: 21st century clothing suits you.
Pearl: Yes, you must tell me where you got that jacket!
Anna: Mother... did we come here for small talk?
Pearl: Oh, Yes... Right, so BEFORE I claw your eyes out...
Damon: ...!


Pearl: Why do you want me to say "Me love you long time?"
Damen: Don't forget, "What can I get for 10 dollars..."
Anna: Asshole.


Damen: Bitches say what?
Pearl: What?
Damen: Exactly.


Damon: Would you like to drink something? Tea, coffee, soda, BLOOD?..


Damon: Thanks for your offer ladies, but I've reached my limit of bachelor auctions for the year. Anna: Seriously? You'd raffle yourself off for this lame town, but not help out vampires in need? Pearl: You mistake me, Damon, I'm not asking for your cooperation; I'm insisting that you heed my cause. Being a den-mother to recently revived group of vampires, isn't cheap you know. Damon: Even if I had a caring side, which I don't, this is not the way to get on it.


Pearl: What Are You Smiling At?
Damon: Well, The Sun Is Shinning Very Heavily Into This Room, And Your Not Burning To A Crisp, and Neither Is This Twit Over Here(Motions To Anna)
Pearl: Thats Because The Directors Of The Show Don't Realize THEY ARE GOING TO KILL US.
Damon: Well, Someone Has To, And If It Aint' Me, It Might As Well Be Them. :)


Pearl: Why are you looking at me like that? Damon: How is it you've been underground for the past century and a half......and you have a tan?


Pearl, you can't suck and blow at the same time.