The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 4

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Thanks so much to everyone that participated in this edition of The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

It was a spirited affair, but there can only be one winner - and we've awarded that honor to "D-Train" this week. Check out that user's triumphant effort below the photo and don't worry if you lost.

There's always next time. Good luck!

There Goes the Neighborhood Pic

Damon: Ha! You can't tag me. This is home base.

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Pearl: you can't keep doing this Damon!
Damon: bite me bitch!


Damon: "Jeez, what are you guys, zombies or vampires? Try to look a little more animated, will you!"


Pearl: This is a serious conversation stop smiling!!
Damon: I would if I could, botox.
Anna: You wouldn't understand mom, all the cool people in hollywood are doing it nowadays.


Pearl: Its called manners
Damon: No, its called being a dumbass


Damon: well im glad i finally get to meet the mom of the woman I'm going to marry!
Pearl: And I'm glad i have met the man who friggin bites my daughters neck!!!!!!!!!!


Damon: Soooo what brings you to my neck of the woods?
Pearl: I want a deal.
Damon: I'm listening....
Pearl: I'll give you anything you want if you kill Bella Swan.
Damon: Why? I've heard she tastes good, but why would you want her dead?
Pearl: I want Ana to be with Edward Cullen.
Damon: HAHAHAHA you want her to be with the vegetarian that SPARKLES!!!!???


"Pearl: The show needed more minorities.
Damon: So, that's why that everyone came out of the tomb isn't white....Maybe that is why I was never put in it.." LMAO!!! that one's funny.


Pearl:Ive heard things about you...
Damon: Well what can I say ?
Pearl: It's true? You've met EDWARD CULLEN!
Anna: Akward...


Anna: OK I am going to the bathroom now, Mom - please keep your hands to yourself.
Damon: I'm not making any promises. To Pearl - You know your looking good for being older than me right?


Pearl: Now, we need to decide who to put back into the tomb.
Damon : I vote for Frederick!

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