The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 6

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To everyone that submitted an entry for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest: Thank you!

But to user "Sarah," we have another message: congratulations! Your simple entry, posted beneath the photo, cracked us up. Stefan is a bit prissy, isn't he? We can almost imagine him saying this.

Remember: we play this game every week, so don't feel bad if you didn't win. Just return each Friday and try again. Best of luck!

Bloodied and Topless

Does this blood stain make me look fat?

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Damon: You´ve got blood on your hands brother. Stefan: Tell that to my shirt.


*know vvvv


Damon: I Loved her so much...
Stefan: I know you did brother, but she's dead now..
Damon: SO ARE WE!!!
*Stefan sits next to Damon*
Stefan: So...whatcha up to?
Damon: Contemplating the next thousand years...
Stefan: hum...
Damon: I think I'm gonna start with trying to learn how to sparkle...or maybe I'll just sit here and watch you stare at me cuz' you konw I'm the hotter brother.
stefan: I hate you.
Damon: No, thats my job.
*Damon dissapears into the forest*


Stefan: Could you please put your shirt back on before I lose ALL of my fans!


Damon: Ran into a tree branch again, didn't you?
Stefan: I'm telling you Damon, I'll never get the hang of this vampire thing. I can't fast-walk properly, can't control the hunger, can't compell... Being a vampire sucks.


Damon: I look so hot without a shirt.
Stefan: I think I'm dead.
*Damon looks at him*
Damon: Yeah,... now you're talking about it... Me too.


stefan: damon, put your shirt back on.
damon: that's what she said.


damon: i dont want to talk right now stefan.
stefan: geez... bite me
damon: suck me
stefan: blow me
damon: lick me
stefan: eat me
damon: how is that even possible?


stefan: how is it possible that i have this red die on the out side of my shirt, but not on my perfect abs?


Oups, post it again... Stefan : But, we are supposed to open this hatch !
Damon : Why ? I want answers ! I want a sign from the Island...
Stefan : If you don't come with me right now you're going to get all shiny and then Edward won't be happy and then it's really going to get confusing for everyone...

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