This Week on Bones: Freddy Krueger and Undercover Slow Dancing

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A week after Brennan seemingly put the nail in the relationship coffin between her and Booth, the partners will find themselves in an awkward situation on Bones Thursday night:

Acting as a married couple in order to track down a killer.

On "The Death of the Queen Bee," there's a murder in Brennan's hometown. The victim is a former classmate of the forensic anthropologist. When Booth and Brennan arrive on the scene, they attend the latter's high school reunion and run into a dark-humored janitor that may provide a few answers.

He's played by the man who first donned Freddy Krueger's sharp-nailed gloves, Robert Englund.

A Slow Dance
Undercover Couple

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For a look at more scenes from this week's episode, check out the photos below, along with the official Fox promo for "The Death of the Queen Bee."

Help from the Sheriff
Pretend Marriage
Robert Englund on Bones

[video url="" title="The Death of the Queen Bee Promo"] [/video]

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:) Oh, they look happy... What the heck, they are happy! Ooh, Freddy Krueger. (shivers)


Bones Quotes

Sometimes the best things in life happen against the odds.


Booth: You know, when I say heartbreaking you say the heart is a muscle, so it can't break. It can only get crushed.
Brennan: Isn't it heartcrushing?
Booth: You want to go to his funeral?
Brennan: Yes, I would. Then she won't be alone.
Booth: You know what, Bones? Sometimes I think your heart muscle is bigger than people give you credit for.

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