Ugly Betty Sneak Peak: "Hello Goodbye"

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This is your last chance to watch a new episode of Ugly Betty ever! Tune in Wednesday night to see how it all goes down.

Producer Sheila Lawrence was quoted saying: "Every character ends up in a good place — this is Ugly Betty after all. Amanda has a question answered that's been looming since Season 2, Justin has a dream come true, and Wilhelmina quite possibly has the happiest ending of all."

So it looks like Wilhelmina is not dead! Thank goodness!

Let the Good Times Roll

Also, we learn that Betty is reluctant to tell Daniel about her future. Meanwhile Justin and Bobby go searching for a new place to live and Hilda is not too happy about it. And poor Marc feels like he is destined to be alone forever.

Don't forget to tune in this Wednesday night at 10pm on ABC to say good-bye to our beloved Ugly Betty!

Follow the jump for a few other stills from "Hello Goodbye."

Good Bye Halston?
An Emotional Daniel
Hug it Out Biaches!
Claire Confronts Betty
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Avatar it possible that other networks pick up UGLY BETTY?!..It's juz getting good..I wanna see how BEtty and Daniel works out..


wasn't it Alexis hidding in Fey's tomb?


how about a question that we've had since season one - who was dressed up as fey sommers at the tomb?


DANIEL/BETTY!!!! ...cuz he's can't live without her!


mandy is looking stunning in that pic... ***tears*** I'll miss her the most!


Betty and matt it should be BETTY AND DANIEL!!


Every character ends up in a good place...
Betty and Matt
Daniel and Amanda
Willy and Connor
and Marc and Troy? or Cliff?
Claire and Cal???

Ugly Betty Quotes

Snow is a magical blanket, it hides what's ugly and makes everything beautiful


She's like Liza at the pride parade..