Who Will Die on the Smallville Season Finale?

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Smallville has been renewed for a 10th season.

But this good news comes with a caveat: Not all characters will return for it.

Producers have told Michael Ausiello that a major cast member will be killed off on the May 14 season finale. Who is especially vulnerable? Let's take a look at a few of the potential victims...

Chloe: There's a lot of Chloe ahead this spring. But Allison Mack doesn’t have a contract for next season. That's a major red flag. Also, her character doesn't exist in the DC Comics universe? She'd be easy to eliminate in that regard.

Lana: Indeed, Kristin Kreuk was rumored to be on on the Smallville set last month.

Perry: We know he's returning this season. But might he not stick around for long?

Martha: See above. Replace "he" with "she."

Oliver: Would be as shocking a death as that of Jimmy Olsen last year. But just because it's unexpected, doesn't mean it's impossible? Need proof? See Olsen, Jimmy.

Tess: Michael Rosenbaum is unlikely to return as Lex because he's attached to a new show. That doesn't bode well for his character's placeholder.

Zod: Probably the strongest odds. After all, he's this season's major villain - and there's only one month remaining in the season.

On an Escape

Clark and Lois are safe. All other Smallville characters? They are fair game for the Grim Reaper.

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Am. . .I want lana lang back!


are yal stupid chloe is fuking fine n shes a great character


damn tess died


this show is amazing i think its perfect and the best show ever
i think most likely chloe will die because she isnt in DC comics and that will be Clarks greatest lost to become superman
this show is the best wish i could go to season 14 haha
I luv Erica Durance aka lois lane


Get rid of chloe please, she sucks as a character, as a friend, as a lover and mostly as just being chloe... die already...


Chloe...couldnt give a toss about her...die already, oliver can follow suit too, for all i care... this show is about clark and lois....


i hope its chloe or oliver...hell No , i just hope its both of them coz this chlollie stuff is disgusting..puke


The shows plot has gotten really stupid to the point that if it wheren't for the 9 years of viewing the show has had out of me I would just switch off! I can forgive a lot of the stray episodes that come and go to fill the gaps in the seasons main plot but all the stuff about the 'chess people', Tess and all the to and fro of the Candorian (or however you spell it) 'we follow Zod, no we follow Clark, oh no now we now follow Zod, no Clark' etc. is just making me beg for it to be cancelled with a really crappy ending, er I mean crappier that it's going to be when it finally does all end. I used to love Smallville in the days of Superman Versus Lex but since he was killed off it's just all gone to hell. It's a shame really as you can see that the cast try to do what they can with what they are given but as others have said some of the key actors should have moved on by now, especially Allison Mack.


please don't get rid of Chole


stop overeacting dimwits
its probably zod who dies or tess since them 2 really annoy me
and chloe and oliver will probably stay if not then get over it and don't do bimbo lois she is fuckin awesome she gives the show comedy and edge i wouldnt watch if not for her :D

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