Charice Pempengco Will NOT be a New Glee Cast Member

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Has Glee found its next series regular?

According to the rep for Charice Pempengco, that Filipina pop star has landed a role on everyone's favorite musical comedy.

"It's true, Charice will soon join Glee," her manager, Grace Mendoza, told The Philippines Inquirer. "And not just as a guest, but as part of the cast in a new season."

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Pempengco has performed on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her self-titled album debuted at No. 8 in its first week of release in the U.S., selling 43,000 copies.

No confirmation yet from Fox about Clarice's role. We'll update fans about what character the singer might play as soon as we learn more.

** UPDATE: Charice has shot down this rumor on Twitter:

“I just want to let you all know, that it’s not true that I’m going to be on Glee… How i wish! haha”

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Don't worry people, chaRICE did such a horrible job at Glee, she is no longer a candidate to be a regular for the show! hahahaha


wow......... it's ridiculous........ i like it so much............ I LOVE YOU SAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


charice is one of the best performer around the world..and i do believe that she deserved to become a part of glee..


Glee is a pathetic excuse for a show with no talent it needs to be cancelled!


Fu** all who's said that charice will not be a new glee member!!she is a talented girl!!..


I am glad Charice got a role in Glee. She is very talented, although in my opinion there more talented Filipino singers than her. Let us just be happy for her. Even if she didn't join Glee she already has proven herself to the international scene. David Foster has been in the Music Business for decades. He sure knows what a real talent is. I just hope this will open the gate for other Filipino talented singers as well. To the doctor who said Filipinos got ill mannered due to foreign influence, I beg to disagree. In every country you go to, there is always a group of not so good people. I am a well traveled Filipino who is now in the US but I appreciate the people here. They never fail to say "Good morning"to the people they meet everyday even if they dont know them. When your are entering the mall, they would open the door for you if you are behind them. when they see you are pregnant they will put you first in line especially in restrooms. When they see you with babies and stroller, they let you go first, they will let you pass first. They fall in line everywhere and they respect people who came ahead of them. They dont just put out their arms and whoever has the longest arms gets the service first. And nobody here blows their horns. They respect pedestrian to the fullest. Even animals crossing the street, they wait til the animals finish crossing the street. Road rules are really followed. When I went home to the Philippines to visit my ailing Dad, I was shocked. I must admit I had to adjust, reality struck me. It is dishearting to say this but I just would like to be honest. When I got to the airport and we
were heading to the door, people didnt care that I had a baby in a stroller with me, everybody was rushing to the door, they didnt form lines. they didnt care if they hit my child's legs as long as they roll their carts first ahead of me. When I bought medicines at the pharmacy, they had a numbers , you would think they would have followed that but they didnt. Those arms that were stretched longer got the attention first. the people in the grocery, when they are busy they dont even greet you or even just a simple thank you. If you thank them you would be lucky if you get a "welcome". Most of our fellow filipinos would even wonder why foreigners would smile at them and greet them. Those Flipinos who travel would understand that it's a normal friendly gesture of foreigners. what do we do? we dont even smile nor greet them back. I even appreciate taxi drivers, people who work in the airports, most of them do not even have college degree but they are friendlier, more polite than other educated filipinos especially those who are working in government offices especially GSIS. Here in the states, customer is always respected. Nobody is rich nor poor as long as you are a customer, you get the same equal service. In their government offices, nobody gets a special treatment, no lagays or whatsoever. I always wish that one day Philippines will change for a better country.


P Bug, use head and shoulders... that's why I use when my head is itchy..


I am scratching my head. I do not understand it. I am not naive to think there are bad people out there, but really? What are people eating these days? What are they feeding their minds? So many people with rage and hatred inside that is so uncalled for, as if they hate Charice with a vengeance. Wow. So much hatred that they just emanate it. It's scary really. They do not even know they are destroying's death to self. Self-destruction.


jack, check your grammar!! Bobo! if you prefer using english, better do it right!!! stupid!


...@jack...phil. don't use just happened that she's a filipina and she's proud of it...if someone using charise for their own good well it's that person...not her country...stupid!!!...your a filipino but yet you say stupid things about your country...shame on you!!!...

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