Charice Pempengco Will NOT be a New Glee Cast Member

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Has Glee found its next series regular?

According to the rep for Charice Pempengco, that Filipina pop star has landed a role on everyone's favorite musical comedy.

"It's true, Charice will soon join Glee," her manager, Grace Mendoza, told The Philippines Inquirer. "And not just as a guest, but as part of the cast in a new season."

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Pempengco has performed on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Her self-titled album debuted at No. 8 in its first week of release in the U.S., selling 43,000 copies.

No confirmation yet from Fox about Clarice's role. We'll update fans about what character the singer might play as soon as we learn more.

** UPDATE: Charice has shot down this rumor on Twitter:

“I just want to let you all know, that it’s not true that I’m going to be on Glee… How i wish! haha”

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gabriel benjamin Says:
May 26th, 2010 1:49 AM some people are too afraid to discover how much talented this kid charice is and soon enough if she is staged face to face with her voice soaring along with the rest of the cast, youll gonna hear the real deal. live with it. he he ..




dinidilaan ko pepe ni charice


kantutan na!


charice can be guest during in the regional.. that would be great competition for rachel...


i will hate every minute of glee if an indian was allowed on. an indian boy was sposed to be on it originally, but then he was replaced with kurt. one of the best moves producers have made to date, i.e along with numerous other awesome moves.


yea i love charice


duhh? y do they have to add charice in glee?there many character who are better than charice

Matt richenthal

@mingteedee: That's incorrect. Perez is NOT the source. The Philippines Inquirer is the source. This story may still prove to be false, but we'd never simply quote a gossip columnist.


why do they have to add another character in the show?? Glee has already had lots of cast.. 13 members i think, as i watched all episodes of glee some characters (talented) seems not given right why do they have to add another cast member.. i think its much better if she's just a guest in the show...

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