Community Season Finale Review: Jeff Kissed Who?!?

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Most random Community episode ever.

To conclude its first season, this hilarious sitcom did what it so often does: mock other shows. Abed even alerted viewers to this fact, saying how there was a "year-ending twist." But such twists and turns weren't reserved for side storylines or occasional wise cracks.

Britta said she loved Jeff! Jeff and Annie made out! There were significant developments that were clearly shout-outs to the usual, cliche-ridden finales across the dial (main character must choose between potential mates; characters move out, move away, etc.) - but will also have major impact on Community itself.

I didn't love what went down. It's one thing to go to extreme, ridiculous lengths in order to make fun of TV and movies (such as, you know, a campus-wide paintball war), but last night's episode felt like the kind of show Community was trying to mock.

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Jeff chose Annie over Britta and Slater? I don't want to think about these repercussions all summer long. I just want to think back to the best quotes of the season. There were definitely a few from this episode, highlighted by:

Annie: It's like prom queen! You wear a sash, and there's a vote, and if you win, they put a crown on your head, and I'm so jealous, Britta, I want to murder you! Aren't you excited? | permalink
Chang: I will find a loophole...then I'll kill you. | permalink
Pierce: It's called a beer bong. You're not supposed to inhale, though — I almost died outside. | permalink

But, overall, it tried to stuff too many things and people into the half hour (I adore John Oliver, but was it necessary to bring him back as a drunk Professor Duncan? Also, the Dean's furry dates were more strange than funny.)

The episode also ended with the kind of cliffhanger it may have meant to scoff at, but instead is likely to make fans actually talk about. Jeff and Annie have a lot of chemistry, but she's 19 years old. Is this a pairing we wanna see move forward:

And is such a relationship debate one we want to be having over such a snarky sitcom? Discuss!


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Hey, simple question - does anyone happen to know what song is playing in the background when Jeff and Annie kiss? I'd truly appreciate it, been looking everywhere:(


So excited about Jeff and Annie. I hope it actually goes some where. They have more chemistry than Britta and Jeff do.


"Chang: I will find a loophole...then I'll kill you." Is that a reference to Lost?


I love this couple and like other people already said, it does not matter the difference of age because HELLO VAMPIRES, but that is ok because they are hot and cute but I love this couple I wish they continue their relationship and maybe if it is a secret it could be better for the season 2


Go Team Jannie!!


I love the Jeff/Annie hookup!! I hope this turns into a relationship. I love their chemestry together and how opposites attract. I don't see any age difference issue. This finale has me looking forward to next season. I want to see more Jeff/Annie!!!


I don't think Jeff CHOSE Annie over Britta/Slater - he was put on the spot, freaked out and there was Annie, also dealing with stuff, and they have an attraction of some sort...
IMO Community perfectly mocked rom-coms and drama season finales while keeping their characters flawed and interesting and layered instead of just letting them be one-sided stereotypes there to provide punchlines. And I'm both on Team Britta and Annie equally, for the record. Re: age difference all I can say is VAMPIRES ANYONE? :p It's hard to be upset about a maximum of 15 years difference when some of the most popular ships have a hundred years between them. And some of those girls AREN'T legal.


If this turns into a Friends-style "let's date but keep it a secret from everyone" scenario, then Abed's predictions about the show jumping the shark will ring eerily true.


I liked Jeff's relation with Annie throughout the season because he used to look out for her. Not like in a little sister kind of way but in a "best friend's kid sister" kind of way. Best friend's kid sister who is totally hot. And a really good person. And totally hot. But I gotta look out for her. And she's TOTALLY hot. Damn.


The writers over the course of the season learned Alsion Brie was the more gifted female star and are elevating her role in the show. Putting together Jeff and Annie highlights the best pairing of characters within the group. Save a Starburns/Shirley yankeedoodle it'll be boss.

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Community Season 1 Episode 24 Quotes

Before I respond to that, I'll have to take an extra-strength vitamin duh."


It's like prom queen! You wear a sash, and there's a vote, and if you win, they put a crown on your head, and I'm so jealous, Britta, I want to murder you! Aren't you excited?