Delena Forever? The Vampire Diaries Poster Teases Damon/Elena Romance

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As episode stills from "Isobel" depict, Damon doesn't waste any time getting cozy (and shirtless) again with a former fling.

But those photos aren't what has The Vampire Diaries community buzzing today: The CW has released a new poster for May Sweeps that show Damon and Elena holding hands. The words scrawled over their bodies:

Drawn together. And not pulling away.

Elena and Damon Poster

What might this mean for the future of their relationshop as season one winds down? Sound off about it in our Vampire Diaries forum!

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I am a Delena fan and I have a feeling bc she will be a vampire next season this is letting go of stelana bc he was good for her as a human but now its all new elena and for a while he will be there but in the end it will be delena. Also we see that demon met elena first but he erased her memory.


Stefan and Elena forever. It's never gonna be other way. Sorry but I just love them together. Stefan really loves her. :) (Btw I like Damon. But not with Elena)


I'm for STELENA, because elena fell in love with stefan first. And they love each other too much and this feeling can't just dissappear. Of course lots of TVD fans think that DELENA is the best couple, but it won't be right if damon and elena stay together just because of, that others think, damon looks hotter than stefan. So, I'm for STELENA!


yes i agree VERRYY muchh.. damon and elenz should ALWAYS be together.. at furst stefan was everything to me . but then Damon ttook over my heart... compleatly xD stefan should be with katherine and damon nd elena.. i mean u wouldnt wanna be like twilight right? give it a little twist and in the end damon and elena should ge together.. P.S make a LOT of seasons i dont want it to end NEVER nd when it comes out on dvd make the price alot lower so my mom can buy it for meh please =(


They make a formidable couple. :)


i have greater idea.this is for DELENA fans of course. What if damon's life is in danger (of course because of someone who hates him) then he got a terrible wound. And at his room,he was still not waking up and elena was panicked. Bonnie tries her to calm down then bonnie is suspicious that elena is not concern for damon as a friend but….the elena confessed to bonnie that she can't understand what was her feeling and she doesn't want to be like katherine that fell in love with both brothers. Stefan heard those confession as he was only outside damon's room and quietly hearing those confession. He can't get mad to elena because he's hiding something else since before….. He's just compelling elena's love and damon was her really love.. what do you think?


Hey guys please, for which episode was this poster? i can´t find it.
thanks for help :-)


I love delena, they are really fun to watch on screen, but it kills me knowing that it looks like she'll obviously always be with stefan.


DELENA FOREVER! They're the best couple i've ever seen. PLS let them hook up.


Delena 4eva :) I.D.S.T. love them 2gether. We all no how it's gonaend Elena wiv Stefan but i really hope & pray that who eve is writing TVD as a long hard fink. Elena even said 2 Damon that the ave sumfing & that sumfing can slowly turn in2 love. Sorry Stelena no offence. Nina & Ian have alot of chemistry & no1 can deny that no even the stelena fans. Delena xxx

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