Fringe Season Finale Review: That's Not Olivia!

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On the second part of “Over There”, Olivia and Walter are able to save Peter and prevent him from destroying our world, but at great costs! One member of the Division is left behind! 

William Bell is out to stop a war and prevent the destruction of our universe.  It appears that his intentions are good.  With his help Walter is able to reopen the door into our universe.  He is the one that helps the three get back home. 

Bell also lets Walter know that he did remove parts of his brain because Walter wanted him to.  Apparently Walter did not like the man he was becoming.  Maybe he knew he was turning evil, sort of like Walternate.  Now it all makes a bit of sense, don’t you think?  

William and Walter

Without his memories or keen working brain, Walter is not the man he once was.  He is a gibbering fool most of the time, with sporadic moments of pure genius.  Could you imagine Walter with his entire brain in tact?  That is why Walternate is so dangerous.  He is not missing pieces of his brain!

The greatest part of this finale has to be when Olivia tells Peter that he belongs with her.  I honestly had tears in my eyes.  Poor Peter, feeling like he doesn’t belong in any of the two worlds.  Olivia then corrects him, declaring her true feelings and kissing Peter.  This is really what we have been waiting for!  At that moment we were sure everything would work out for these two.  Until we learn that that… 

The Olivia that returns to our world is NOT our Olivia!  What? Could it really get any worse???

We are totally shocked by the end of this season finale, and cannot believe we have to wait months before finding out what will happen to our dear Olivia!

  • How will Olivia ever make it back home?  
  • How will Peter and Walter find out the wrong Olivia has crossed?  
  • Who will go to her rescue and how will they be able to cross universes without her help?

William Bell also mentions to Peter something about him looking good, or holding up well.  What is that all about?  Is Peter’s health going to be somehow compromised by all the universe crossing he has done?  Poor Peter, seems to never catch a break.  First he loses his love and now maybe his health!?!

Next season is going to be an explosive one and we cannot wait!  We love this show and hope that everyone out there reading this review loves it as much as we do!  FRINGE ROCKS!

Until next season, here are a few of our favorite Fringe quotes to keep you entertained:
Walter: I can't imagine how strange it must be for you.
Peter: I've seen strange, this is something else. | permalink
Peter: I don't know what you heard about me but changing the law of physics might be slightly above my abilities. | permalink
Peter: No I don't belong here. But I don't belong their either.
Olivia: Yes you do. | permalink
Olivia: You have to come back because you belong with me! | permalink
Walter: I should never have doubted you.
Bell: It's OK Walter. You always were as stubborn as a donkey with a nail in his head. | permalink


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I finally saw this finale! OMG IT WAS THE BEST!!
I can't believe they made this episode!
Well actually I was disappointed at this show recently for many reasons like slow development.. and I saw the dejavu of LOST at that time. But there's old saying Practice makes perfect!! THEY MADE IT. It was the best episode ever!! I can't wait to see the next season. (sorry for bad English though, It's not my first language ioi)


THANKS! aaaa can´t wait to nkow what will happen!


@Jeff et al. You misunderstand the comments about the "doorstop." They return to the opera house with their doorstop at the exact location where Olivia had opened the "crack" the first time through. "Dark Olivia" did not need to have any powers to open the doorway, the doorstop wedged open the existing crack that Olivia had made earlier.


thanks for the explaination raquel! i havent seen the episode jet, couse it airs a week later in my country (dont worry, i dont mind knowing what will happen)


The original Olivia, as the orthers Cortexiphan kids, lost part of her gift to travel between universes, after they arrived at the alternate universe. That's why they couldn't control their others powers. Nick couldn't control onther person's mood, Heath couldn't control his ability to cure his cancer - that's why he died, - and Nick's girlfriend spontaneously combusts herself - like her sister - , because she also have lost the control of her power. At the end of the episode, Walter says that they can't return to their universe because Olivia didn't have the power to return. They were only able to return after Bell sacrifices himself to create a nuclear reaction using his body's unstable molecular state.


i think they did think about it Jeff, cause it means that they dont need our olivia to cross over, so they CAN go to the other side and bring her back


The ending was good but didn't make any sense. Only the Olivia on our side had the power to travel between worlds and yet we're supposed to believe somehow she wasn't needed for Walter, Peter and the other Olivia to cross over. The only reason our Olivia was able to do so was due to the experiments that William Bell and Walter conducted on her. I find it hard to believe that the other Olivia possessed this power.

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Fringe Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Walter: I should never have doubted you.
Bell: It's OK Walter. You always were as stubborn as a donkey with a nail in his head.

I'm trying to see this your way Walter, I can't. But, you did cross universes twice to save my life. So that's got to count for something right?