Gossip Girl Caption Contest 105

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Welcome to the 105th edition of our Gossip Girl Caption Contest!

As always, your Caption Contest entries crack us up so much. This week's winner is Jess. Congratulations! The winning entry now appears beneath the picture.

Honorable mentions go out to Peyton, kaykay20 and NYClover. Thank you to everyone who played this week and best of luck again in the next Caption Contest!

Nerena Action

N: Hey, Vanessa sent me nude pics.
S: Abrams?!?!
N: No. Hudgens.

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serena: wow, tvfanatic has not posted this weeks caption contest and its almost 2:00!
Nate: if they dont have it up by 4:00, i will hunt them down and kill them!


where is this weeks one? it is friday and 7:00...


Nate: Serena,did you actually just send me a text to break up with me? I mean, really, while I'm still in the room?
Serena: Well, yeah... I had to see your face and look you in the eyes. Otherwise that would be just rude. And mean.


Nate: Hey Serena, have you heard from Jenny? I've called her a hundred times, she won't pick up the phone! Serena(thinking): I knew locking her in the racoon cage at the zoo was a good idea... *cough* Errr no, have you tried the loft?


Nate: Oh and this was the time we did it on the pool table, and this was the time we did it and broke my dresser and this was the time we got drank too much wine and ended up in Dan's Brooklyn loft...what!? Wait, Serena that's not me... Serena: *smiling* Yeah, I know. It was Dan. Damn he was good. Nate: ....


Nate: Are you going to tell me why there's a photo of you with Dan on Gossip Girl?
Serena: Yeah. Um... I had an adrenaline rush. It's very common. You can Google it.
Nate: *googles* Oooh.


Serena: What are you doing?
Nate: Helping you check how long it takes to fly to Paris.
Serena: Well, how long is it?
Nate: Just a minute..
Serena: WOW. (Y)@chuckisasexybasstard & @dal16


Nate - So according to this we have to break up again, you're getting back together with Humphrey, I'm turning into the next Chuck Bass and Racoon is off to Brooklyn...I'm having a strange sense of deja vu.


Serena - I downloaded a new ringtone for you...
Nate - Oh really? What- Boys Boys Boys? Seriously? That thing with Chuck was a one time deal!


nate: Oh my god serena! this is why you can't ever borrow my phone!
(cell phone screen is cracked and cracked in half with tape on it) serena: IT SAID APPLE OKAY? NATE: You are seriously waaaaaay dumber than miley cyrus!

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