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Nate and Serena in "The Empire Strikes Jack," the March 29, 2010 episode of Gossip Girl. What do you think of these two together?

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    best couple after chair.... pls season 5 end game serenate... pls a better storyline for serenate


    SERENATE forever! their type almost the same and their hair too! blair and chuck ROCKS! if chuck be with eva! and serena with older man,nate with kate! this no longer GOSSIP GIRL!




    betond cute n effing hot... pls make dis couple stay.....


    I will not rest until my 4 couples have been fulfilled.
    1.CHAIR- they r together so no worries. they could have the spark again though
    2.Darena- they had better get on back together they bring out the good in each other
    3.nanessa-they had better get on back together especially since they would have some gorgeous children. like seriously they both had such pretty eyes
    4.jamien-the only time i liked jenny was last episode with Damien and then they broke up so bring him on back NO FUCKING HATERS. I won't even dignify u with a response of u dear to challenge me bitches. vanessa haters r racist and they knw it ans darena haters r jealous of serenas beauty.


    I love them...they are the sexiest to people out of the whole cast!!!!!


    I think this "I love you" was cute not like a huge deal :) she didn't need an entire episode xD


    They're on of the best couple ever! I love them together!


    eww hate them together natessa all the wayy!!!!!!!!


    BORING. i really don't like them together. it came so suddenly that it just seemed fake. i love Nate and Jenny together and think they should try this couple again as they finished it real suddenly last time. as for Serena, i've never really loved her in any couple yet. :Z