Gossip Girl Casting Chuck's Mystery Girlfriend

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Last week, The CW released some very early, brief but juicy Gossip Girl Season 4 spoilers.

“Season 4 will open with a radiant Serena and Blair enjoying their grand and romantic summer in Paris," a press release from the network regarding the 2010-11 season reads. "Until Chuck mysteriously arrives in town with a new girlfriend and a new identity.”

Who is this new, mystery girlfriend? We obviously don't know yet, but we're going to find out.

This week, producers began the process of casting the recurring role of Eva, an utterly gorgeous female in her 20s or 30s who boasts a warm heart and an authentic French accent. Shooting begins in early July in both New York and Paris for the new season.

Any thoughts on who should play this new Gossip Girl character - or what her role will be?

Why do you think Chuck arrives in Paris, and has a new girlfriend? Discuss below!

A Reflection of Success

What will Season Four of Gossip Girl hold for the great Chuck Bass?

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well its obvious this mystery gal saves him or something and he pretends to fall in love with her, entice her and take her to Paris to make blair jealous, like she did with marcus.
did that make sense?


They arent trying to make blair look better. A lot happened after the jack/blair fiasco. And at that time jack wasn't his enemy. Jenny is a cheap little tart and blair's archenemy. After they found out how awful jack was blair never did anything wrong. ANd she didn't cheat on chuck hours after practically proposing. i used to adore chuck bt i feel like killing him too. Still getting shot was an incredibly adorable thing to do. But it's NOT blair's fault


I'm really confused... Chuck got shot in the last episode, aren't they going to do something a little dramatic?

Melanie xo

Oh sweet jesus ..


I also wonder if Chuck is faking amnesia to get back with Blair.


They are looking for a french actress. They probably won't pick an american actress to play his girlfriend.
I like Season 1 best. Chuck is still my favorite character and I hope Serena and Nate don't get back together.


The writers suck. that's why they treated Chuck/Jenny and Jack/Blair different. They love to make Chuck look worse than precious, little saint Blair UGH. I do love CB, but if they have to only use Chuck to give them drama, I prefer to see them apart. Just stop damaging C's character to make Blair look better


I don't understand why did the writers show Chuck sleeping with Jenny worst than Blair sleeping with Jack.Jack Blair was not even comparable with Chuck Jenny.Blair accepted all Chuck shook ups with the other women but couldn't forgive Jenny.Jenny was nothing but only a random girl for chuck like the others whom Blair never mind.did she do all these because she was upset for jennys situation or what?really weird.
Blair has never been a trustable girl and thats why Chuck and Blair are the one half of a whole.They are just like the same in character.manipulative and sisck and twisted.I am sure Blair will understand Chuck soon and forgive him like he forgave her hook up with Jack.Ä°ts not a big problem for them.And no matter what I will always love Chuck and appreciate how he deeply love Blair as thoughtfully throw himself infront of a bullet for only the ring he bought for Blair.He is actually a deep character and Chuck and Blair have to be together not apart.


To the people who think Dan and Serena epic! come on are you serious?Dan and Serena was only a two teenager dating couple which we can always meet in reallife but nothing more.They have never come close to be epic.They did what the young people do while dating but nothing interesting to be an epic couple.
Face it! Chair is the most epic couple of not only GG but also TV.They have all the features to be epic as a couple.They have never been an average couple as Derena.They have been always interesting to watch.completely Chair is the Couple making the show alive always have always will.Deal with it other shippers.


No not megan fox she's HOT but her acting skills are not that good ... Option : Nina Dobrev from the vampire diaries she's pretty and a good actress

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