Gossip Girl Casting Chuck's Mystery Girlfriend

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Last week, The CW released some very early, brief but juicy Gossip Girl Season 4 spoilers.

“Season 4 will open with a radiant Serena and Blair enjoying their grand and romantic summer in Paris," a press release from the network regarding the 2010-11 season reads. "Until Chuck mysteriously arrives in town with a new girlfriend and a new identity.”

Who is this new, mystery girlfriend? We obviously don't know yet, but we're going to find out.

This week, producers began the process of casting the recurring role of Eva, an utterly gorgeous female in her 20s or 30s who boasts a warm heart and an authentic French accent. Shooting begins in early July in both New York and Paris for the new season.

Any thoughts on who should play this new Gossip Girl character - or what her role will be?

Why do you think Chuck arrives in Paris, and has a new girlfriend? Discuss below!

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buggy, ITA, drama is good but when it doesnt need to be overdone. Chuck selling Blair out in 3x17 was already bad enough and in the finale they made Chuck be the bad guy again? And it's not like sleeping with Jenny was some horrible thing to do, but the way the writers made everyone react to it was awful. Chuck came out as the biggest jerk in the world. Blair yelling and breaking up with him (and I find it really weird how different they treated Blair and Jack having sex in season 2. Blair sleeping with his uncle when she was sad and depressed is worse, IMO, than Chuck sleeping with Jenny when he was sad and depressed, but the writers made it look like Blair/Jack was something ok and forgivable while Chuck/Jenny not,UGH), Dan punching him, the disapproval look everyone gave him. And Jenny came out like a victim, when Chuck didnt force her to do anything. I think the writers want us to see Chuck as the villan and that Blair deserves better. But I love Chuck and Im tired of the show only using him to create drama. Let other characters be the bad guys too.


I guess Im just over GG. Im so tired and sick. I love chair and always will, but I hate what the writers are doing with them. I wouldnt mind seeing them apart for sometime, but the "obstacles" the writers are throwing at them are just ridiculous. And why do they have to make Chuck be the bad guy always? For us to feel sorry for Blair and want her with someone new? Sorry, but it's not gonna work with me, I rather stop watching then watching chair's history being destroyed.


I hope that the chuck and blair story won't keep going back and forth like that. doesn't make anything more interesting. i hope things get lighter in gossip girl. too much dark drama makes it seem like some lousy soap opera.


Haha. If they're going to get a new character to play as Chuck's new girlfriend, so be it. At this rate, nothing is out of bounds to the writers anymore. You'd think incest would count as a boundary; obviously not. I'm just tired of the writers putting Chuck and Blair back and forth and for what, really? Can't they play the maturity card better? Now, they're gonna give Chuck a new girl, then I hope Blair meets someone who actually cares about her without playing games. Someone who would give her pure love, simple love. NYC is a great setting. How about they have her meet a musician or a poet, someone who is unexpected, smart, funny, someone who is the stark opposite of Chuck. With this in mind, I can see how Chuck and Blair can get back together. Blair meets this person, gradually falls in love with him but still feels that void that Chuck left. Chuck, with his memory gone, is somewhat happy with this new girl. But we don't know is that the girl is actually a doctor who helps him get his memory back. Lalala and by some twist, they meet, there's a revelation, Blair is forced to choose between the man she's starting to fall for and the man she's given her self to. Chuck, upon the realization that there is someone who can give him a run for his money at winning Blair's heart, would stop at nothing to get her back with the help of his new "girlfriend". Oh, and for more drama, the new "girlfriend" and the new guy (hopefully) are actually working together to get Chuck and Blair reunited again. And then voila, this is an elaborate concoction by Nate, Serena, and Dan (for they can't bear their best friends misery any longer). Oh, yeah.


I want to know who's Chuck's mystery girl! Who knows?


@M and @Miuccia
Are you sure that you two aren't the same person.Deal with that please Chuck and Blair belongs together.No matter what they will come back together.They are the show.Ä°f there isn't Chair then you won't be able to watch this show dear.Don't post such irrelavent things here.Blair won't get the attention of thepeople if she moves on.Just like the same with Chuck.When they are together they get the most attention of the viewers.


If they want someone beuatiful and french, they should choose Mélanie Laurent from Inglourious Basterds... though she might be too famous for the show, i dunno how famous she is in France.


it will be funny to watch Jealous Blair.Once we saw jealous Chuck and now its time for Blair to show her Jealousy.Be careful Blair if you try to make your boyfriend jealous games with Cameron or Marcus kind of toys,the game will just turn back to you to be thrown on your face baby.I don't want to see a hurt Blair.Just leave Chuck and Blair alone.They deserve to live happily ever after.


Is this just a low-end soap opera now? How far we have fallen, writers.


Emmanuelle Vaugier! So she's not french but she's gorgeous and would look good next to Chuck.

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