Gossip Girl Promos: "Ex-Husbands and Wives"

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The dust is still settling from Monday night's Gossip Girl episode, "It's a Dad, Dad, Dad, Dad World," and the dad (or dads) in question aren't nearly finished this season.

Next week, things get even more tubulent between Rufus and Will, Serena chooses sides, and Jenny shares info with Will that could destroy Lily. It's gonna be intense.

Here's the first promo for next week ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/ex-husbands-and-wives-promo/" title="Ex-Husbands and Wives Promo"] [/video]

We'll have extended promos and sneak previews of "Ex-Husbands and Wives" up soon. For now, tell us what you think of this one and expect to happen next week!

UPDATE: Extended promo has been added. Follow the jump:

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/ex-husbands-and-wives-promo-extended/" title="Ex-Husbands and Wives Promo: Extended"] [/video]

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Wearing a trilby does not maketh a detective, S.


my first impression is SERENA COPYING JENNY'S STYLE??? WTF!


my first response to this promo: Aww, B's found S her own sleuthing hat!...


"I know a scheme when I see one" SERIOUSLY SERENA?? HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA OMG, LMAO ...TALKING ABOUT UNINTENTIONAL COMEDY :D I know right! I LOLED so hard at that point. I'm so glad for once Nate is being smart! This might be the first time since the show began! I'm team Rufus. I don't like Baldwins nor Whineyerna and her cleavage.


the writers are trying hard to leave on us a good impression of Jenny after all the mess she's been doing over and over again.. since she wont be next season (for the most part I've heard)but putting Serena in that position?? are they trying to kill what's left of the character? I think that if they want serena to be bitchy (which I love that side of her) they gotta stop portraying her like an idiot


cant wait to see chair scences,love this couple sooooooooo much want more chair.......


excited to see Chair scenes.. love love love!


serena is just plain dumb! but chuck and blair are touching again even for a few seconds and thats ALL i care abt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The last too episodes will be AMAZING!! Can´t wait!!
Chair will be awsome!!!!
I can´t stand serena anymore.. she´s so stupid.. she´s acting like a litte child .. aah.. i loved her in season 1 .. liked her in season 2.. and now i´m starting to hate her!!


chuck and blair ! i wonder what big gesture can be. can't wait !