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The episode begins with Blair getting ready for a date.

She confesses to Serena that she’s never been on a real date.

Rufus grounds Jenny for being a drug dealer. William tells Lily what an amazing job she’s doing with the kids, even as Jenny and Chuck try to track down the nature and source of the drugs the doctor has been doling out.

Rufus, trying to untangle the web of lies around the doctor, assembles his family so that a neighbor can tell the clan the truth about their relationship.

Instead, the neighbor tells everyone that she slept with Rufus (a lie, and the doctor is no doubt behind it). Serena’s done with Rufus.

Chuck and Jenny go to Blair to help track down information about Lily’s mystery medication. Blair thinks Chuck is just trying to mess up her date so he can win her back.

Nate and Dan stop by Blair’s looking for her help - they need her to unmask the neighbor’s lie, and if anyone knows about lying, it’s Blair.

She’s in ... come on, this is more fun than any date.

Turns out the medication and the neighbor’s lie are both connected. Blair, in her element, hatches a scheme to expose the untruth.

Serena catches Jenny searching through her mother’s meds, and they argue, and Jenny realizes she wants out of this union of families.

Later, Jenny lies to the others about what she found.

Blair, Chuck, Dan and the rest, all getting dressed up for a black-tie event, readjust their plans. At the big gathering, Blair and Rufus force the neighbor to admit she wrote prescriptions.

Meanwhile, Jenny tips off Dr. William that the game is up and admits she wants to split the families apart. The doctor leaves, taking Lily and Serena with him.

Turns out he plans to take them all to Palm Beach.

Dan calls Serena to tip her off about her dad, and then Rufus turns up to confront the doctor in person. Blair and the group readjust their plans again.

Dr. William says he has the files in his bag to prove his innocence.

Instead of bringing them up from the lobby, he takes off. Jenny admits that she tipped the doctor off; Serena realizes Dr. William really is gone.

Later, with the cops closing in, she meets with him. Dr. William says he did cure Lily the first time, and then fell in love with her and realized he wanted his family back.

That’s why he had the neighbor write the fake prescriptions that weren’t really making her well.

Chuck tells Blair to meet him at the top of the Empire State Building ... if she doesn’t come he’s closing his heart to her forever.

Later, we see Jenny bringing her bags into Nate’s apartment. We also see Serena and Dan snuggling ... hmm.

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Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 21 Quotes

Chuck: I'll be waiting on top of the Empire State Building.
Blair: You can't Affair to Remember me.

Serena: I need you to tell me the truth.
William: Come with me.

Gossip Girl Season 3 Episode 21 Music

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Song Paradise Circus (Gui Boratto remix) Massive Attack iTunes
Beach house Beach House Zebra iTunes
Song Paradise Circus (feat. Hope Sandoval) Massive Attack iTunes