Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "How Insensitive"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table, in which our esteemed panelists discuss hot topics and burning questions from last night's episode and beyond.

Topics for our "How Insensitive" Round Table Q&A include memorable Grey's Anatomy quotes, the end of Calzona, Lexie's love life, doctor heroics and trouble for Derek...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

L.J. Gibbs: Definitely Alex's plea to Bobby to have the surgery. It was harsh, but not to be cruel, only to drive home a point he wouldn't see otherwise. Kudos to Karev there.

M.L. House: Cristina's "I miss my dad." Just four simple words, but filled with heartbreak and emotional when said by Sandra Oh.

Mrs. Northman: Alex: You going home? Lexie: Yeah. Alex: Wanna go home together? Lexie: Yeah. This scene made me say awe! out loud. I really like these two together.


2. Was this the permanent end of Calzona?

L.J. Gibbs: Maybe not permanent, but I don't see a reconciliation anytime soon. On a side note, does this conflict seem a tad forced? Same with that patient instantly and so blatantly hitting on Callie last night? If Callie is that eager to have a baby like right now, she could always adopt solo and see how AZ reacts. Let's hear it for passive-aggressive spite!

M.L. House: No. One of them will come around. My money is on Callie because having a child isn't enough. You need to raise it with the person you love. She'll realize everything is emptier without Arizona by her side, no matter how many random patients writers concoct to hit on her.

Mrs. Northman: Well, since Shonda keeps Twitting its not the end, I really doubt that it is. But really, how will they ever work through this baby thing?

3. Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek?

L.J. Gibbs: Perhaps Derek should have known better, but I do see his point. Meredith effectively choosing Cristina over Derek was interesting to watch. However well-intentioned it is to protect your best friend, that put McDreamy in a very difficult position.

M.L. House: Meredith! Ms. Gossip Pants has to learn how to separate work from personal.

Mrs. Northman: Totally Meredith. Derek told her something in confidence and because it involved Cristina Meredith doesn't see the problem. Now that she is married, she really should put Derek above anyone else. That is just what you are supposed to do!

4. Doctor of the night: Cristina or Alex?

L.J. Gibbs: Cristina. Watching the often-abrasive Yang with the little girl was touching.

M.L. House: Alex. Crisitina was sensitive, but she was motivated by a personal wound. Alex was simply inspired to get the fat patient's attention because he wanted to see him fight for his life.

Mrs. Northman: Both? I really liked both their stories and how they we able to help their patients. Each storyline had me in tears!

5. Team Alexie or Team Slexie?

L.J. Gibbs: I've gone back and forth on this a lot, and while Alexie is growing on me, I think I'm a Slexie guy. She and Mark had something really special I thought. Hopefully they rekindle it in the coming weeks ... after the Reed incident that is.

M.L. House: Team Alexie, only because I fist-pumped at Alex signing those divorce papers, pray this is the end of any talk about that self-centered Izzie and believe Alex deserves to go home and celebrate with a round of Lexie lovin'.

Mrs. Northman: Team Alexie!!! I am a big fan of this new love!!! Can't wait to see where it goes!

Bargaining Table

DEPOSED: Did last night's Derek development foreshadow trouble?

6. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what?

L.J. Gibbs: You never know what Grey's Anatomy spoilers to believe and which are speculation and nothing more, but if you want to assume the worst, the show has introduced two potential story lines that could spell doom for Derek in the form of April and Mr. Clark. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the two exacted some kind of unwarranted revenge.

M.L. House: Yes. He will star in Transformers 3 and see his reputation with the ladies take a hit when he appears on-screen alongside every female's nemesis, Megan Fox.

Mrs. Northman: I think so! Things have been building up for a very dramatic ending. I think Derek will be shot and it will be up to Meredith to save him. This will also make him have to step down from being Chief and perhaps Richard will get his position back? 

What do you think? Weigh in with your own answers/comments!

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No one is commenting on the ludicrus story line with the obese guy and the cute wife? Seriously?? He did not become this size overnight. It took years. Can anyone believe that girl would climb on him (even without the gross infection) and want sex??


I've loved Grey's since the very beginning and have watched faithfully. The chemistry between the cast is amazing! I have to say though, that Callie and Arizona are the best couple to come along in a very long time!!! Please put them back together soon and give them more scenes each week, they are incredible together. Lets face it...those 2 are so hot, they make a straight girl think twice, don't ruin all the fun writers. They can compromise like any other couple. Maybe delve into the possible reasons why Arizona doesn't want kids, maybe it could be resolved. Regardless...get them together!


Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek? Well it's only natural Mer will hear things that others residents don't hear. Der wasn't very specific in what he said to Mer about what Hunt did. But Mer's face gave the game away to Hunt, and she's already warned him about hurting Cris. Ultimately Mer said nothing.The promos for 6.22 show Mer knows she has to have a care for not relating everything Der tells her. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what? He'll be held hostage by mr Clark, possibly shot. But it won't be life threatening, they did that in GA last season and someone's gonna die in PP by looks of it. Mer and Cris are gonna prove what great surgeons they are in the face of great personal traumas to loved ones.


I am so for team slexie!!!! I feel like they are trying to turn lexi into izzy too much. She gets too attached to patients. She is sweet but forcefull wen needed ot be. Now blonde. And now they are pushing alex and her. I just feel like alex needs some single time to get over the divorce and lexi and mark need time to rediscover how much they love eachother


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
I think I'm going to have to agree with the majority here and go with "I miss my dad". Cristina has mentioned the accident before but we didn't see much of the emotion behind it, and I've always wondered how it's affected her as a doctor (besides giving her a push towards cardiothoracics). It's easy to forget with Cristina that she is capable of these amazing moments of revelation, but when we get them it's always a treat. 2. Was this the permanent end of Calzona?
I don't think so, but I really don't know how they can get through this without one of them making major sacrifices. We know Callie's baby hang-up isn't a passing thing; she's wanted kids since she was with George. It was so painful to watch that final scene with them but it was beautiful, too, in that there was so much love in that breakup. I hope they can reconcile their differences but I honestly don't see how - this is a dealbreaker. 3. Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek?
I think Meredith was at fault here, though I can definitely understand why she felt the way that she did. She should be respecting Derek's trust in her, but at the same time Cristina was there when Derek wasn't. Though, truthfully, I thought that Owen made the right decision (personally, maybe not professionally) to tell that to Derek. He chose his relationship with Cristina over his feelings for Teddy. Maybe that wasn't the best choice for Cristina, but it was the best choice for their relationship - it's complicated. 4. Doctor of the night: Cristina or Alex?
I think Cristina was doctor of the night, but like I said, we only get short bursts of Super Cris. I think, hands down, Alex has been doctor of the season (though that one surgery where the patient woke up and Mer stayed calm was infinitely cool). 5. Team Alexie or Team Slexie?
I'm torn. I want both Alex and Mark to be happy, preferably with one of our favorite female doctors, but only one of them can win Lexie's heart. Lexie did remarkable things to Mark, and I don't think she's truly over him yet. At the same time, though, she and Alex are much closer in maturity and Lexie is much too kind to ever hurt Alex the way Izzie did. So, I guess the big question is, will Lexie get over Mark? If she won't, I say send her back, because Alex needs to be with somebody who will always choose him first. I think I need to see where this is going before I pick a side. 6. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what?
I really, really hope not - Derek is my favorite character and of course I don't want anything bad to happen to him. At the same time, though, Mer has been through two near-death experiences and Derek has helped her through (well, maybe not directly during the code black but the thought of him carried her through), and with the exception of last season's freakout, Meredith has not entirely proved to be his equal in that regard. So it would not surprise me if some of the rumors circulating do end up being true, but I think if it happens it will be for Meredith to rise to the occasion and help carry Derek through to the other side. It will make their relationship stronger.


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
Christna's "I miss my dad." 2. Was this the permanent end of Calzona?
No. I think they'll get through this rough patch. They both love one another. 3. Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek?
Both 4. Doctor of the night: Cristina or Alex?
Both of them. Cristina for being able to really connect deeply with the girl about her past. Alex's joke to the patient was funny.. 5. Team Alexie or Team Slexie?
Definitely Team Slexie a 150%. But I have my reservations. I read an article about Ellen Pompeo being rumoured to leave Grey. They were saying that maybe Lexie will take her place and Avery or Alex would want to be her Mcdreamy. I just hope it's not true. 6. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what?
Maybe. Like get shot or something.


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? Cristina: "I miss my dad." 2. Was this the permanent end of Calzona? I don't think so , cause they are ment to be together and when they aren't together for a while , they understand it and move back together. 3. Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek? Meredith 4. Doctor of the night: Cristina or Alex? Cristina , it was nice to see that she isn't just robot, that she have feelings too, and this moment with the patient's daughter , it had me in tears. 5. Team Alexie or Team Slexie? Definitely team Slexie, i like Mark so much and i like them together, since they break up i pray every episode that they go back together. 6. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what? When i heard that the hospital begun the least safe place in world i think that maybe some terrorist came to hospital and shoot Derek ? hold him in a hostage ?


Mrs Northmann is a mallie shipper[we saw that in her last eppy review] thats why she loves AL, and you know with the way Shonda handles The ML storyline, now i can understand why Ppl start to dislike ML and let AL grow on a creater you can turn everything upside down and force it on ppl and eventually they HAVE to jump on the ship its sooo sad.... ML wont be the same ever again, thats why shonda will make L choose Alex (even though ppl hope for MArk)
......but hell she is talking about what happens in the 9th season when MerDer wont be around anymore
,,,,, lets be honest the way this show was destroyed this year and down the line lost its quality with an, 8 million drop since its season 6 premiere, the show wont make to the 9th season... Well if shonda has enough pride actually to call it quits when the show reached the 5 million viewers line.... But ML ARE my OTP and I love them and always will...and i am sorry, that i am rather negative lately, but i hate to give up on a show and not because it was cancelled but bc it lost the quality and watching a scene literally makes me cringe sometimes bc of the acting but mostly bc os the badly scripted scenes:(
BuT i love ML, and i am def still a shipper


I know I already posted on this subject. But I was wondering if anyone seen AZ in the last episode acting like there was something wrong with her hand??? When she was in the nursery she pulled the glove off her hand and made a face like it was hurting. I just wonder if that is going to mean anything in the future? I thought at first she was holding her belly. But after watching again she pulls off her latex glove and makes a face like she is in pain while doing it. Might be good for her to have to have surgery and get a break while her baby is born and her and Callie figure out the baby issue. Although I'm not so sure how long it will be till her daughter is born. It hadn't been that long since we found out about her being pregnant.


Slexie all the way! Alexie...what kind of name mash up is that? Alex just thinks he's moving on. He's showing that he can, I just don't think Lexie is the right person, especially when she and Mark still have so much unfinished business to deal with. Mark and Lexie for sure! I don't think we need another bad guy gone good storyline. They did it well with M/L. Stick with it. Stick with them. ML is where it's at!

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