Grey's Anatomy Round Table: "How Insensitive"

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Welcome to TV Fanatic's Grey's Anatomy Round Table, in which our esteemed panelists discuss hot topics and burning questions from last night's episode and beyond.

Topics for our "How Insensitive" Round Table Q&A include memorable Grey's Anatomy quotes, the end of Calzona, Lexie's love life, doctor heroics and trouble for Derek...

1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?

L.J. Gibbs: Definitely Alex's plea to Bobby to have the surgery. It was harsh, but not to be cruel, only to drive home a point he wouldn't see otherwise. Kudos to Karev there.

M.L. House: Cristina's "I miss my dad." Just four simple words, but filled with heartbreak and emotional when said by Sandra Oh.

Mrs. Northman: Alex: You going home? Lexie: Yeah. Alex: Wanna go home together? Lexie: Yeah. This scene made me say awe! out loud. I really like these two together.


2. Was this the permanent end of Calzona?

L.J. Gibbs: Maybe not permanent, but I don't see a reconciliation anytime soon. On a side note, does this conflict seem a tad forced? Same with that patient instantly and so blatantly hitting on Callie last night? If Callie is that eager to have a baby like right now, she could always adopt solo and see how AZ reacts. Let's hear it for passive-aggressive spite!

M.L. House: No. One of them will come around. My money is on Callie because having a child isn't enough. You need to raise it with the person you love. She'll realize everything is emptier without Arizona by her side, no matter how many random patients writers concoct to hit on her.

Mrs. Northman: Well, since Shonda keeps Twitting its not the end, I really doubt that it is. But really, how will they ever work through this baby thing?

3. Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek?

L.J. Gibbs: Perhaps Derek should have known better, but I do see his point. Meredith effectively choosing Cristina over Derek was interesting to watch. However well-intentioned it is to protect your best friend, that put McDreamy in a very difficult position.

M.L. House: Meredith! Ms. Gossip Pants has to learn how to separate work from personal.

Mrs. Northman: Totally Meredith. Derek told her something in confidence and because it involved Cristina Meredith doesn't see the problem. Now that she is married, she really should put Derek above anyone else. That is just what you are supposed to do!

4. Doctor of the night: Cristina or Alex?

L.J. Gibbs: Cristina. Watching the often-abrasive Yang with the little girl was touching.

M.L. House: Alex. Crisitina was sensitive, but she was motivated by a personal wound. Alex was simply inspired to get the fat patient's attention because he wanted to see him fight for his life.

Mrs. Northman: Both? I really liked both their stories and how they we able to help their patients. Each storyline had me in tears!

5. Team Alexie or Team Slexie?

L.J. Gibbs: I've gone back and forth on this a lot, and while Alexie is growing on me, I think I'm a Slexie guy. She and Mark had something really special I thought. Hopefully they rekindle it in the coming weeks ... after the Reed incident that is.

M.L. House: Team Alexie, only because I fist-pumped at Alex signing those divorce papers, pray this is the end of any talk about that self-centered Izzie and believe Alex deserves to go home and celebrate with a round of Lexie lovin'.

Mrs. Northman: Team Alexie!!! I am a big fan of this new love!!! Can't wait to see where it goes!

Bargaining Table

DEPOSED: Did last night's Derek development foreshadow trouble?

6. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what?

L.J. Gibbs: You never know what Grey's Anatomy spoilers to believe and which are speculation and nothing more, but if you want to assume the worst, the show has introduced two potential story lines that could spell doom for Derek in the form of April and Mr. Clark. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the two exacted some kind of unwarranted revenge.

M.L. House: Yes. He will star in Transformers 3 and see his reputation with the ladies take a hit when he appears on-screen alongside every female's nemesis, Megan Fox.

Mrs. Northman: I think so! Things have been building up for a very dramatic ending. I think Derek will be shot and it will be up to Meredith to save him. This will also make him have to step down from being Chief and perhaps Richard will get his position back? 

What do you think? Weigh in with your own answers/comments!

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Melan I don't think that Callie and Sloan are going to get back together. If you noticed for the last what now 2 or 3 yrs Callie has been playing a lesbian? Right now as soon as possible I want she and AZ to realize that they can't live without each other and get back together. I think AZ with realize her being witout Callie is more Yikes!!!!!! Than having a baby is. It broke both of there hearts when they broke up. So I just can't see them staying apart. If I understand right they will be back together week after next.


I feel like we're being forcefed Alex and Lexie. It's not believable to me. It was only a couple ago Lexie was crying over Mark and now she's good and dandy? And Alex, for someone who was so completely in love to be over Izzie just like that? Right... And if that's the way they choose to go, season six will be the last season for me. Season five with Mark and Lexie made me actually watch Grey's again, now I feel like I'm supposed to believe that they're going to give Lexie and Alex the same type of..."I've changed for you" now overused type of storyline? Lexie and Alex are totally still in love with other people and I just can't buy into them ever. I love Alex but for someone who was in one of the most epic relationships ever...umm, no.


1) Lexie: "You're pregnant? How?" 2) Not permanent. Shonda has said so, they love each other, they just need to figure out a compromise with the baby issue(though I'm not certain there really is one) 3)Meredith didn't say anything, so I think Dereck. He can't expect her to control her face! Chief is making him cranky and less McDreamy. 4)Alex, he did a great job using reverse psychology on Bobby to get him to do the surgery. 5)Team Slexie! Alex/Lexie seems forced to me for some reason. I think they are still in love with their exes, so I would prefer Lexie back with Mark. 6)I do think something bad will happen to him. Not sure what, kidnapping, hostage, shot... but yeah I think something happens to him in the finale.


1. "I can't be the one who keeps you from having a baby". It was so true, and so lovely. 2.I hope not. It's so sad when people who loves each other are breaking up. Callie&Arizona are totaly in love, they can't live without each other. But I think that AZ is the who has to change her mind. It's going to be much easier to her say that "ok, let's have a baby" than Callie saying "i can live without child". She tried to do that and we saw how it was 3. Of course Derek! He knows Mer, she loves him but she always stay behind Christina. She's her best friend and it was more than sure that Mer is going to do sth with that. Derek is some kind of ass since he is a chief 4. Both rock 5.I like both combinations but i realy don't think that Alex is ready for another relationship. We have to remeber that Iz hurt him. His not an easy guy, and she broke him. In the other hand, Mark is ready to much. He want it all, know. Child, family and Lexie is too young for that 6. Something is going to happen but I can't figure out what


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
Three-way tie:
"I miss my dad." - Cristina... Maybe it's because I miss my brother whom I've never even got a chance to even meet. :(
Agree with Mrs. Northman. THAT WAS OH SO CUTE! :D
Alex's speech/joke. That was awesome! :D 2. Was this the permanent end of Calzona?
NO! They'll get back together again. :P That patient was oh so flirty. -.- 3. Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek?
Both. -.- 4. Doctor of the night: Cristina or Alex?
Both! Oh my gosh, Cristina rocked and kicked patient sensitivity's ass! o.o Which is weird, kind of. But I liked this side of her.
Alex because well, that speech/joke was amazing. :) 5. Team Alexie or Team Slexie?
(sigh) Alexie. One: Their super-duper cute. Two: I tolerate Slexie. (Because I want a different ship with Mark in it) But I think Alex is just not ready to commit yet. He just barely signed the divorce papers and then kissed Lexie. But either way, Team Alexie. :) 6. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what?
I feel like Mr. Clark is going to shoot him. o.o He was VERY scary, angry and scared.


2. Was this the permanent end of Calzona? No. SR tweeted that it's temporary so they will get back together(but I don't care) 3. Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek? Both were @ fault this episode. Mer for making a big fuss and not separating personal and professional and Derek for telling Mer about Owen and Teddy in the first place 4. Doctor of the night: Cristina or Alex? Alex! I'm biased he's my favorite character and I loved that speech so much! Cristina's story touched my heart too but man that speech 5. Team Alexie or Team Slexie? Neither for me. Alex is far from ready to move on to another relationship. He is not emotionally ready. Mark and Lexie have different priorities in life @ this point so it's not gonna work well for them either so I'm not a fan of either. But if time passed next season and Alex was working through his emotions then I MAY have been for Alexie. 6. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what? I hope not he's going through so many bad things. But honestly IDK what's gonna happen. I feel like he's not gonna be chief anymore, Derek is changing for the worse and he doesn't like it (and neither do I,it's making me like him less and less)


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode? Alex: Look, I am sorry we've been tip toeing around you all day trying not to make jokes, but you are the one who's got to stop. Stop calling yourself the fat guy. You've got a wife that loves you - that stuck by you through all of this. You did something right to deserve that. Look, I know what it's like to have life hand you so much crap that you just want to sit on the couch and die, but you got to look at what's in front of you. You can't just walk out on her now. She deserves better. Chances are you are gonna die on that table, then you get what you want. But, at least your wife will think you tried. She will tell your kid that you tried. Give them that at least. (I


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
Lexie to 700 pound wife: How? I mean wow! 2. Was this the permanent end of Calzona?
Heck no! This will be the new merder couple for the next 3 seasons! 3. Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek?
both, Derek needs to know and understand Mer is a loyal friend and should not demand she stays quiet. Mer should understand Derek and how if she talks to Cris will put him in a bad spot. 4. Doctor of the night: Cristina or Alex?
Alex was the best doctor, but I have to say it was good to see Cris react to what happened to her many years ago. 5. Team Alexie or Team Slexie?
Team Slexie, but I have to admit Alexi is growing on me, but I do want Sloan and Lexie to get back together!. 6. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what?
Oh, yes, something will happen, if he is not shot, he will have a heart attack because of all the pressure he is in. This will allow Webber come back as a chief after being sober for a whole "year".


1. What was your favorite Grey's Anatomy quote from the episode?
Arizona: "I can't be the one who keeps you from having a baby". And then, finally, all's been said. Well at least untill: 2. Was this the permanent end of Calzona?
Hell no! I'm sure they'll be okay... I give my kidney away if they won't make it! 3. Who was at fault, Meredith or Derek?
Who cares, the story is boring and Derek is an ass!
(And this is not the first time; we have reruns of season 2 right now overhere and Derek was horrible in those eps as well... and there was that trailerstuff last year, and probably a lot in between. The difference is: the hair is gone, so now I finally notice! ;-) All kidding aside: get Finn back!!) 4. Doctor of the night: Cristina or Alex?
Neither. They both rocked (but Yang was being the (great) social worker and Alex was cool as ever, but not really as a surgeon - I think this ep belongs to all the attendings - man, there was a LOT of navy blue involved in this case!! 5. Team Alexie or Team Slexie?
It looks likes I'm switching teams, I think I like to see where Alex/Lexie is going. 6. Will something bad happen to Derek? If so, what?
Don't know. Wouldn't mind though.


@ GAYLE24153: The fat guy was played by Jerry Kernion.

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