Kiernan Shipka Promoted to Series Regular on Mad Men

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Considering the way Mad Men concluded its third season (with Betty Draper sitting on a train, headed west with another man), many fans of this AMC drama are wondering:

How much will we see of Don's home life on season four? The answer, apparently, is: a lot.

A new casting tidbit makes that much clear. Kiernan Shipka, who plays Don's daughter Sally, has been promoted to series regular.

"Last season was really hard for Sally, and next season is going to be even harder," the actress told TV Guide. "It's really going to be about Sally growing up and reacting to whether her parents get divorced or not."

Sally and Don

The new season of Mad Men premieres on July 25.

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Kiernan is great as Sally. Thanks for the tip!

Mad Men Quotes

It's been a pleasure working with you all. I wish you the best of luck.


Joan: I thought about it and I'm sending my son away.
Richard: What?
Joan: No, I thought about what you said and I like you, too. And if I have to choose between you and my son, I choose you.
Richard: That's not what I said.
Joan: That's exactly what you said.
Richard: Well, I thought about it and I want to be a part of your life and your little boy, too.
Joan: I live with my mother and I've been divorced. Twice.
Richard: I'm buying some property in New York. Where do you live?
Joan: Twelfth Street.
Richard: OK. I'm not going to buy property down there [laughs], but I'm going to get a place in a nice neighborhood by the park and you're going to visit. All of you.