New Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice Crossover in the Works

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It's only a matter of time until the worlds of Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice collide again, and in this case, we particularly expected it, given a newbie cast on the latter.

From the moment Caterina Scorsone signed on to play Amelia Shepherd, Derek Shepherd's sister, on Private Practice, fans wondered when will the big family reunion was.

They need wonder no more executive producer Shonda Rhimes tells TV Guide.

"I would love to see what happens when Derek [Patrick Dempsey], his sister and their mom - because I love Tyne Daly - get together," Rhimes says. "I think it would be very interesting to experience. We're talking about possibly thinking about that for next season."

Caterina Scorsone Picture
Dempsey at the Premiere

Get ready for a Shepherd family mini-reunion!

Might last week's revelation on Private Practice that Amelia and Derek both witnessed their dad's death, which led to Amelia overdosing and dying briefly, be rehashed?

That was a pretty heavy scene, even by Private Practice standards. There's also got to be more Shepherd baggage we don't know about yet. Any theories? Comments?

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of course i wanna see that family reunion..


But other than that I would love to see more about Mark and Derek´s past that isn´t tied to Addison....i mean they were friends for 20 years before Derek married Addison...We want to see more of that...:)


I have no problem with Derek crossing over to PP, but pls let Addison and the others stay where they are...this is getting ridiculous....
The ratings are also bad for the cross-overs...just see this season´s cross-over as an example,
GA(ep.09)-14.86 mill-
GA(ep.10)-14.12 mill-
GA(ep.11*cross-over*)-12.59 mill-
and afterwards GA has gone down the spiral and reached in episode 19. its lowest rating ever, with 9.79 mill its still under 11 mill....
Lets not forget that this show had 17.25 mill viewers in its 6th season premiere and once even had 38 MILLION viewers...
The X-overs were originally there to push PP´s ratings now I have to say PP has an average of 9.12 mill viewers....not even 2 million less than GA......i guess Shonda should rather find a wayto save GA´s ass bc with the shows current quality the next season is going to be the last one...


Dirty trick made official. It has to be addressed and I really do hope that this crossover is on SGH. Derek still has issues to deal with. Very excited!


All I'm going to say is this isn't news. We all knew it was going to happen eventually and even more now that Amelia reveal all that she reveal about Derek and if the rumors of Derek getting shot in the season finale are true, it was a matter of time for this crossover to happen.


I know it is just a trick to make us look forward to Season 7, but it sure works!!! :-)


Looking forward to this crossover, would like to meet Derek's other 2 sister's Kathleen and the yet to be named sister, we met Nancy. Derek mentioned to Meredith that he has 9 nieces and 5 nephews. That would leave us wondering who had the children, because Amelia doesn't appear to be a mother, that leaves Kathleen, Nancy and the yet to be named sister with the children. Now did Derek's sister all marry doctor's? Are they all happily married? Does Derek get along with his brothers-in-law? Family holidays would of been interesting in the Shepherd household, 5 doctors and their partners, an ex-navy nurse and dad was a storekeeper. Addie would of spent her holidays with the Shepherd family before Derek and her divorced. Mark Sloan was part of the family growing up. Derek and Mark grew up in New York. Let's see some photos of Mark and Derek as little boys, they would be so cute. Shonda Rhimes should make a family album of the Shepherd's and Mark, have Carolyn Shepherd show Meredith, what Derek looked like as a little boy. This would make Meredith want children more.


Der didn't get dark and twisty about this cos he had a strong mom and a families support. But he's still angry and if he is confronted by a gunman next week, well it could stir up all sorts of things for Der. mer didn't have a support network when her mom made her into a dark and twisty person. She's whole and healed, but I'm not sure Der is I'll be so happy to see Tyne Daly again, she barely knows Mer. Another of Der's sisters turning up, intersting. But i think there'll be a lot of sibling rivalry especially on Amelia's part. Der has the international reputation, she hasn't

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