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The Private Practice season finale is tomorrow night (see promo and photos) and speculation is running rampant as to which character meets his or her maker. One thing we know?

It's not Maya. At least she's not the big death that's been teased.

It's going to take the entire Oceanside team to treat Maya and her baby after that terrifying car crash, E! Online reports, and while both are considered chopping-block material, neither is the major death that's been teased. That also happens this week, though.

Here's what Amy Brenneman said to say about it to TV Guide: "Naomi will irrationally feel that she had a hand in it. There's going to be a hole in everyone's hearts after this."

A Naomi B. Photo

So scratch Naomi ... or not. Could this be a clever dodge by Amy, with Naomi feeling responsible for her own demise? Who do you think will die on Private Practice?

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Dell is definitely not coming back next season, and if it's Dell, that could theoretically give Addison a child, because his daughter would be an orphan.


@Josh, Because he is NOT a original character. Duh!


These votes are for Dell not for Charlottte!! Violet has 18% Dell has 44% and Charlotte only 3%!!


It has to be Dell. It will probably be either internal bleeding or something neurological in his brain that they missed. I wouldn't be surprised if it's something neurological because of the promo clip (when Amelia says, "Who goes first?" and Addison answers, "Me" - I mean they could have both been working on Maya and her baby, but Addison was probably with Maya and Amelia with Dell.)
Naomi could feel guilty because she probably initially blames Dell for the car accident and chews him out.


Charlotte is not going to die. She is not an ORIGINAL character. Since it not Mia (who is original) it is probably Dell from missed internal injuries, Naomi will unrationally feel responsible for his death because she'll think it should have been her driving Mia to the hospital, or maybe she spends alot of time with Dell before he dies, and is so distracted with Mia she misses he's hurt. Before finding out that Chris Lowell was definatly leaving PP I'd hoped it was Naomi who dies.


isn't it obvious? William is already DYING. and you don't have him as a choice...


Wait, never mind. I'm an idiot I read the poll wrong.


Yeah, why is everyone voting Charlotte? I don't get it, because it's already known Dell's character won't be returning next season. Plus he was in a car crash, so it could very well be internal bleeding. So someone please explain why you voted for Charlotte?


kristen I am with you. But, everyone else keeps voting charlotte so, I am wondering if I am missing something


i agree. On another post last week I wrote that I think that Dell is goign to sbe suffering from internal bleeding, but everyone(including him) will be so focused on Maya and the baby that they won't be paying attention to Dell. NOt to mention Chris Lowell is not coming back next season, so its a given right?

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