What Did You Think of the Private Practice Season Finale?

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Private Practice had its work cut out to top some of the dramatic story lines from its third season with Thursday's big finale, but "The End of a Beautiful Friendship" did the job.

That was some episode. Are you crying your eyes out? Upset about the direction it took? Confused about the future for your favorite character(s)? We want to hear from you.

In case you have it recorded and don't want major details given away, we'll save those for our official review tomorrow morning. For now, weigh in via comments and our survey.

Did you like the Private Practice season finale? What struck you the most about it? Did it live up to expectations? How would you rate the just-completed third season overall?

Addison Montgomery Working

Addison during one of many powerful scenes tonight.

What did you think of tonight's Private Practice, "The End of a Beautiful Friendship"?

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To CoH, ITA with you on Pete and Violet, Charlotte and Cooper, and a new man with Addison. Sheldon should go find himself a new woman, and not pathetically after Pete and Cooper's leftovers. Let him be with Derek's sister or that gal Sam was dating, Christina Yang.


I get they probably killed off dell, because he was leaving the show. Honestly from a story point of view, i think it was the wrong choice. They should have tried to keep dell on for next season, have mia die and him live (and the baby live). This brings so much more to the table: 1) Mia is not as big of a character
2) her death would send shockwaves to the main characters dealing with the loss of a daugther and yet having to take care of a grandchild. Dink goes into a wild state of depression mid next season kills himslef
3) Dell goes to UCLA but have trouble concentrating blaming himself for her death.
4)Addison is a wreck because she was in there with her when it happened. Sam loves her but also blames her partially and is torn with his feelings. Addison left alone with her guilt because pete gone back with violet. Now that makes for much more entertaining television in my honest opinion yes it sucks when any character dies, but i honestly feel that it would have been better story for the show.


I loved the episode. I am sad about Dell though, I agree with one of the earlier comments saying that, why couldn't they have just sent him off to Med school instead of actually killing him off? That actually would have been more convincing. I also agree that, the show is kind of becoming like Grey's with the story lines, although I do love Grey's aswell.


This finale just made me angry. Is Private Practice going to turn into another Grey's Anatomy with the revolving cast of characters? Why does Shonda Rhimes have such a hard time holding onto actors???


Just read that Shonda interview. Right, so you have no plans for Betsy yet, and you're just pulling saddison to demonstrate the "go for your heart" point. We get it. Just will you please NOT pull them apart randomly again say halfway through season 4 (like with the SWAT guy - I still don't get how or why it happened) and I'll be really grateful.


That was lame. I'm sorry, I love PP, but what happened in this season finale was just...LAME. Seriously, how much different is this Dell incident to George? It gets beyond boring seeing the EXACT same thing happening twice. And what with Betsy now? Who's she gonna live with? And if you're gonna say adoption or whatever, that is, ewww. And weird. And don't even think about bringing out the "we-see-the-daughter-and-remember-the-father" thing in the practice. Been there too many times on other shows... On a better note, they finally bothered getting CC together and bursting the paddison bubble. I don't know what to think about saddison though...it's sort of predictable after the whole season's emotional torments. And ok, admittedly I'm still trying to adjust to that last scene there... At the end of the day, Shonda fell short of my expectations and there was not much surprise. Most of it is kinda predictable already, while some others...seem to happen just for the sake of happening. Bleh.


I don't get it. They say the ratings are not good. This show is fantastic, especially after Grey's Anatomy. The two just go hand in hand and I love it when both shows are intertwined. I hope that I haven't seen the end of this show because I love it and I love the actors and actresses that make the show the hit I think it is.


I was so angry that Dell was killed off (despite that he wanted out of his contract). Betsey saw her mother die and then her father...how cruel for such a young girl. It would have been better to honor letting him go out of his contract but having him leave to go to med school as opposed to killing him off. My God! that was way too much. He was the balance of the show...he wasn't sleeping with everyone or fighting over sleeping with someone. He had a more stable story line than the rest. When will the writers allow Addison to work on herself before sleeping with everyone's man. It is not okay to sleep with your friend's ex-husband. Finally Cooper has stopped playing games with Charlotte and is asking her to marry him. This finale was so scattered but exciting to watch and also sad. I wish they would have left the storyline opened for Dell to come back for a clinical practicum
at the practice. Private Practice need some characters with real storylines instead of characters mad at each other because someone else is in love with the one they love. We need more juice than that. I like Private Practice, but I was disappointed in the way they handled Dell's character.


I thought the finale was great! I hope Fife will now get Naomi! I was never a fan of Dell, his character was always really annoying to me so I'm glad he's gone.


Amelia is to young and is not convincing to me.... spinal surgeon and brain surgeon. Isn't she just out of school... i am lost on her character, beside being just beautiful to look at. I think it is miss placed character development. I love this show.. however.. the writing has gotten crazy. Writing Dell out.. was obvious contract stuff... I do love how Charlotte had some intuition about the death. I am glad they are making a BLONDE BEAUTY.. SMART and Capable of alot. I will admit I was hoping during Niaomi Melt down. she would give Addison permission to date and LOVE sam. anyway.. love the show.. time for SUMMER FUN..


Private Practice Quotes

Charlotte: My mom always says God doesn't give with both hands. You're young, beautiful, brilliant. There has to be something you can't have.
Amelia: Some days I'd give that all up.
Charlotte: That's just the craving talking. The longer you go without a drink...
Amelia: I drank at your wedding. I thought it was ginger ale. I spit it out.
Charlotte: OK, since then?
Amelia: Nothing, but I can't stop thinking about it.
Charlotte: It was an accident. Don't let a slip turn into a fall. Get your butt to a meeting.

Having a conscience is brutal.


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