The American Idol Winner Is...

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Paula Abdul returned. Simon Cowell was given a send-off by a slew of past finalists. And Janet Jackson performed.

But the American Idol finale belonged to Lee DeWyze. He was crowned the ninth-ever champion off the show, knocking off Crystal Bowersox on the finale.

Did he deserve the title?

DeWyze in the Finals

Upon hearing his name uttered by Ryan Seacrest, Lee was clearly moved. Tearing up, he said he loved Crystal and could not even put into words what it felt like to be the winner.

He then sang the cover of "Beautiful Day" that will soon be heard across your radio dial. Below, relive Lee's journey on the show and send in your congratulations to the singer!

Singing Hallelujah
Lee Sings Frank
Singing The Boxer
Lee D.
Lee DeWyze Photograph

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I'm sorry but when you see Lee its just kind of meh so what. This is a pure example of what happens if you let a bunch of teenage girls pick a winner. They think he's cute and yes he can sing but I'm sorry this is a singing competition and he's not even in the same league as Bowersox. Sure he won and nothing will change that but you can't help feeling what's the point if the truly best performer is not chosen, it really does make it a pointless affair. On the bright side Bowersox won't be on the market for a contract for very long at all , every time Simon and Randy look at her they just see the $$$$. Lee will do the Idol tour and probably end up being as notable as that winner with the gray hair who pretty much disappeared until last night I'd even forgot he had won he's so unremarkable. Well it is called American Idol so i guess it's fitting that the winner should look cute for the teens but on the inside he's just a lot of average. I look forward to him wandering into obscurity after his tour year is up.


oh mann, whn ryan was going to announce the winner i was shaking back and forth so nervous and i thought krystal had won because of this gut feeling and then ryan says lee's the winner and i was so haapppy! like jumping up and down and tearing up happy. he deserves this. he worked so hard and he killed it every single night. he such a cutie too, like when he was crying that was beautiful. im so happy and i can't wait to buy all his songs. lee is amazing and i love him