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This week's episode of The Good Wife was bookended with intriguing developments, but the investigation at the center of "Mock" didn't hold our attention.

Considering the way the previous episode concluded, I was amped for an hour that centered on the Florricks, Peter's looming arrest and how this would affect the family.

Instead, this cliffhanger was resolved in the opening minutes, with Zack thinking far quicker than we did at his age. It was great to see how Peter's status is taking a toll on his kids and I was hoping for more.

But - like Eli Gold's mysterious, quick-witted partner, who appeared on the scene and then vanished - this loose end was tied up and the focus shifted to Alicia's neighbors and their deportation issues.

Trouble for the Florricks

As always, The Good Wife managed to be eerily timely/relevant with its immigration investigation, but, simply put, I didn't care very much about the fate of these people. I wanted more honest Florrick family talks (loved how uncomfortable Alicia got as soon as Will's name was mentioned), or more of the competitive Cary.

It's been a pleasure to watch this character up his game with the junior associate position at stake. He isn't crossing any lines, he's just doing what's necessary for a promotion. Alicia could learn a thing or two from her competition.

Of course, she has other things to worry about. It's safe to assume Kozko killed himself, right? But it's always possible Childs got to him somehow. Alicia will likely have trouble sleeping this week, with Kozko's words hanging over her: Help me.

Finally, we get to Will. We can't blame the guy for moving on, can we? Especially when a young, attractive, aggressive law student throws herself at him. With Alicia giving him mixed signals, and with budgets concerns plaguing him at work, it's understandable Will might crave a distraction.

What did you think of the episode?


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I agree, it was a little slow. I really wanted to see the Alicia/Will dinner. I did not find the young attorney wannabe to be attractive at all. But, can't really blame Will after Alicia no-showed.


I'm glad to see someone agrees with me that there needs to be more focus on the family; It's a lot more entertaining then case after case


I don't know about everyone else, but I'm getting increasingly frustrated with the introduction of yet more story lines, while none of the older ones, which really matter to the viewers, either get resolved or progress. Take the dinner that Will and Alicia were supposed to have. How many weeks did we wait for that? And then when it was supposedly to happen, it gets thwarted by Peter running out of the apratment and setting off his alarm. So now a new story line is created between Will and the pushy but sexy law student. And what's going on with Diane and Kurt, the ballistics expert? And Zach and his slutty but cute girlfriend? Did they have sex? There's just too much going on now, like the show is just fibrillating, with no real progress or answers for the viewers.


Just a few random observations... First of all, is it not clear that Alicia is going to win the Junior Associate position? And does anyone else find the actor (whose name escapes me)named Kozko on The Good Wife to be amusing because it sounds freakishly like said actor's name when he was on The Mentalist (Bosco)?

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