The Good Wife Season Finale Preview: Who Will Alicia Choose?

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Tuesday's season finale of The Good Wife will come down to revenge and relationships.

First, the revenge: Matt Czuchry says his character of Cary will take on Alicia, Will and Diane as part of Childs' team.

“It’s a great set-up for next season,” he told “It’s going to up the competition. And [taking a job with Glenn] it’s such a direct F-U to Alicia.”

As for the relationships, Alicia will be faced with the decision she's been weighing for weeks: remain by Peter's side as he runs again for office, or take a chance with Will? The following promo for "Running" hypes this installment, as do the episode stills below it...

[video url="" title="Running Promo"] [/video]

At a Major Crossroads
Decisions for Alicia
Peter Press Conference
Outreached Hand
Eli Photo

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Alicia, throw that Cell phone away and get a new one with an non published number, there must be more interesting people who call you than Will who keeps asking the same nun of his business question (where are you).In this world today cell phone are a big distraction. The next time he calls tell to see a theripist he needs help big time. Stalking is against the LAW.


Very intelligent show. One of the best. The cast is just fantastic.


stand by your maaaannnnn!!!!!!!! lalalala.


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Reese Dipple's the reason you're not at the firm. You sway Peter on this bill and Dipple will sprinkle rose petals as you step off the elevator.


It's hard to be on this side.