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Decisions for Alicia
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Alicia has a lot to figure out on the first season finale. Specifically: Will or Peter?

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    "She is not going to throw away perfection for garbage, long live Peter and take a hike Will !!!!" Let's see now -- "perfection" would be the guy who lied to her, humiliated her in public, and cheated on her with hookers dozens of times? Whose own kids have seen video clips of him cheating on their mother? And "garbage" would be the kind and gentle man who saved her life by giving her a job when the sleazy rat she married went to jail? Who has always treated her with kindness, consideration, and love? Your thinking is totally bass-ackwards. In fact, if you live your own life like that, I'd say you're heading for a whole lot of suffering -- and you have only yourself to blame.


    She is not going to throw away perfection for garbage, long live Peter and take a hike Will !!!!


    There is no way she will go to Will, she can see through his smoke screen since day one. There is a lot of chemistry between her and Peter.


    I hope she choose Will


    She's going to choose Will


    Hmmmm Peter or maybe she'll chose will and then realise what a misake it was and go back to Peter.