The Vampire Diaries Caption Contest 10

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TV Fanatic would like to thank the dozens and dozens of people that took aim at Matt and Caroline for this week's Vampire Diaries Caption Contest.

We had many entries to sort through, but awarded this edition's title to "mishka." That reader chimed in with a submission that made us laugh, perfectly capturing Caroline's high-maintenance personality.

Check it out below and don't worry if you failed to come out on top - there's always next time! Thanks again to all for playing and we hope you do so every week.

One Cute Couple

Caroline: Matt, does this bus make me look fat?

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Caroline: My life is perfect!!! I'm Miss Mystic Falls, I have amazing friends and an amazing boyfriend who loves me so much!!
Matt: About the last one I just wanted to remind you that I still love Elena!!
Caroline: Oh I knew I'd forgotten something!!!


Bonnie (taking the picture): Say cheese!!!
Matt & Caroline: Cheese!!!
Bonnie (thinking): Theis smile is weird!! They're freaking me out!!
Bonnie (after taking the picture): Awesome Guys your smiles were amazing!!!


Matt: Caroline what's that smell? Do you smell that too?
Caroline: I do! Shut up now, we should finally get this picture!!!


Matt & Caroline:(thinking) Is it just me or did that flash from the camera just about blind me? Maybe i should yell at those people behind me and ask?!?


Caroline: Matt does this bus make me look fat?


Caroline: A picture says more than a thousand words.
Matt: I love Elena.
Caroline: Let's not show that in the picture. Smile!


Caroline: Everything's perfect.
Matt: I'm gay.
Caroline: Just perfect.


Caroline *thinking*: I wouldn't mind standing like this for 6 years, I even bet Leonardo Divinci would agree that I have more poise and grace and he'll diffinately appreciate my angelic smile and innocent dimple more than his last project's. Matt: I really think Humor Simpsons is HIGHLARIOUS.


Caroline *whispering through smile*: how are you hangin. Matt *whispering back*: I'm trying but I really can't hold much longer Caroline, I really need to piss. Caroline *Grits teeth and whispers*: well suck it up, cause I'm holding the number 2 because that breakfast you made me. Matt *huffing between teeth*: well you haven't got any thing holding you back, if you did it on yourself you'd be matching you hair blonde with brown underline. I don't have that option. Stephan with his arm wrapped around Elena's waist hears them from the other end of the stage. Looks at Elena's hair, Then down to Elena's dress, then drops his arm and take one step back.


Get out of the way you losers! I'm trying to take a picture of the Bus!! We don't have that from where we come from!!

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