The Vampire Diaries Music: "Founder's Day"

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In the understatement of the year, allow us to say: there's a lot to pore over from last night's Vampire Diaries season finale.

From surprising deaths to shocking returns.. WOW!

But as fans debate "Founder's Day" on our site and discuss it in our forum, let's take a moment to acknowledge the songs heard throughout the hour. As always, they're available in our Vampire Diaries music section, and a few are listed below:

  • Lifehouse - "It Is What It Is" Lifehouse - Smoke & Mirrors (Deluxe Version) - It Is What It Is
  • Anberlin - "True Faith" Anberlin - True Faith - Single - True Faith
  • Stateless - "Bloodstream" Stateless - Bloodstream - EP - Bloodstream
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