The Vampire Diaries Season Finale: What Did You Think?

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Has your heart stopped pounding yet?

Have you picked your jaw up off the floor?

Can you believe the events that unfolded on the season finale of The Vampire Diaries?!?

We're still processing them ourselves, and will present our complete take on "Founder's Day" first thing tomorrow morning. For now, we hope readers are buzzing about it in our Vampire Diaries forum and in the Comments section below.

In three words: Welcome, gulp, Katherine...

Damon on Founder's Day

What did you think of the season finale?

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....OMG that episode was AMAZING!!! im soooo torn between damon or stefan... no it has to be stefan -- but damons cute too (by this i mean sexy beast lol) cant wait 4 next season im soooo excited. i cant believe annes dead :'( , poor jeremy. although i do think he was over reacting with that whole thing with elena. not 2 mention that hes gna become a vampire OMG WOW!! :P. tylers a werewolf and poor caroline, shes a bitch in the books but quite nice in the show. anyways soooo looking 4ward to th next season, luvin damon/stefan lol :-) xxx


now THAT'S a season finale.


i started screaming about the kiss when he went for the cheek! this past weekend i watched the entire season over again and fell more in love with damon, since the first time he did something and i was like "he loves her!" (when theyre taking jeremys memories away and he says "i can do it.")
theyre great together, although i think that stefan and elena will be together in the end. kind of sad, but isobels message (a salvatore on each arm/doomed) wasss kind of ominous. i loved the glance she stole with damon during that hug though
anyways, back to finale, i hope that damon realized its katherine, i dont know how he couldnt have. he looked confused so he probably noticed SOMETHING was off. now, the kiss doesnt bother me anymore (since i KNOW theres gonna be another damon/elena kiss in season 2, they have to develop the plot more), but the fact elena wasnt the one to hear damon pour his heart out bothered me. he is showing his humanity lately, and its all for elena, and then katherines gonna show up and be a homewrecker -.-
it was so cute though! i thought he was worth saving all along however
but then when they were dancing! it was so romantic. it wouldnt have been like that with stefan. and damon went and saved the day! i also loved when theyre like "i know shes not katherine" and then damon zeros in on elena acting all coy, dressed up, exactly like katherine! hes like, damn. but then he said, i like you better like this (meaning he likes elena more than katherine!) anyways, id be willing to discuss it with youuu
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Bittersweet emotions as for the episode. For me was ok no kiss between Elena and Damon , but the way they did it...s####. Everytime I love more and more Damon and Elena, maybe I ask too much, but I wish we could see them as the endgame couple.


OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! that episode was crazy good!! i was screaming and gasping through out the whole episode. At night, i lay awake trying to remember if Jenna invited Katherine in. I could not remember, i will watch this episode again tonight on my dvr. And i will re-read the books and watch the whole season again this summer while i desperately wait for the nest season to begin. how will i go on with out Ian Somerhalder this summer???? i love this show!!! and yes, it is a million times better than those twilight movies. without a doubt Ian is hotter that rob!!!


omg i LOVED the episode until katherine came and RUINED EVERYTHINGGG!!!! I've been waiting for Damon and Elena to get together for sooooo long and I was SOOO excited until I saw that end part.... ahh! i can't wait for season too! I'm so excited!


i would feel bad for stefan if damon got with elena. history shouldnt repeat itself lol.but no matter what i really hope katherine doesnt get with damon or stefan that would ruin it all. she had the chance but she decided to leave shes mean and i reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hopre neither of them get with her the show wouldnt be worth watching. im fine with elena being with either of them i think the relationship status with elena should stay the same. shes with stefan but damon loves her to. or maybe she should take a break from stefan? i dont know im not sure what my opinion is as long as katherine isnt in the picture


i like stephan a delena, i was kinda glad that was katherine that kissed damon because i dont want that kiss to happen while elena and stephan are together you knoww? i would want elena and dameon to happen but endgame with elena and stephan


ok this episodeeeeeeee was hardcoreeee the best above the rest
i love how the writers dont messed up elenas character because doest matter how much i would like to see DELENA elena would look like a WHORE come on, damon is stefans brother and she is so loyal and nice ! katherine is a bitch i think damon realise that it wasnt elena whenn they stop kissing ..
im really sorry for JEREMY ALL HIS LOVERS DIE!!! how come the show killed them all?
tyler storyline is great too


omg...i really hope Damon and Elena...but Katherine spoiled everything...can;t wait for season 2..september...way too long
still hope for Delena


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