The Vampire Diaries Sneak Previews: "Isobel"

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Two sneak previews of next Thursday's all-new episode of The Vampire Diaries reveal that the mysterious "Isobel," for whom the episode is named, is apparently in town.

But why - and what are the Salvatores, Alaric and Elena going to do about it?

In the first clip, Caroline tries to figure out why Bonnie and Elena are feuding. Then we cut to the classroom, where Damon receives some unexpected news from Alaric ...

[video url="" title="Isobel Sneak Preview #1"] [/video]

Follow the jump to pick up the action in a second clip, where Damon tries to find out what Alaric knows, and Elena decides whether to meet Isobel for the first time.

Also below is a brief CW trailer for the episode, the penultimate installment of the terrific first season (the finale airs May 13). Take a look and comment away after:

[video url="" title="Isobel Sneak Preview #2"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Vampire Diaries Trailer: Countdown"] [/video]

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hey heres the Stelena that says "damon sucks popcorn!" why r all u exited after this we have to wait til the next season (witch sucks) but i totally agree with if john (or jack a**)is elena's dad that makes jack i mean john such a Loser with a capital L
Damon still sucks popcorn


stelena is soo right Damon SUCKS POPCORN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Isobel is gonna get n da way of EVERYTHING damon +elena = BLahghghg
stefan is awsome
til next time
damon sucks popcorn


it's definately anna with jerermy.if you try and see better anna wears a ring in the trailer and she has curly hair too.
Definately anna with jeremy ouffffff


what the hell? who's the girl in the bed? plz plz plz hope stefan with elena ..


STELENA is perfect
I loved the way elena concinced stefan not to drink hyman blood
and not damon-elena awful
different characters plzzz :(


its not damon and elena, its elenas little brother and his ex-vampire girlfriend :P


I meant finale :P


Amazing promos! Can't wait for Thursday and the final!! :) love love love Stelena! So cute when they said I love you. And yes, Isobel is scary!! She reminds me of Katherine having all that power over everyone.


luv stephen and elena together they are so great together,hope they end up together aswell and i think thats annebelle in the half naked part dont know who with though looks like geremy but thats from a previous episode.

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