Vanessa's Absence From Gossip Girl Finale a "Creative Decision"

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You may have cheered noticed the lack of Vanessa Abrams on the final two episodes of Gossip Girl this May. But was that by design, or a contractual issue with Jessica Szohr?

According to Gossip Girl executive producer Stephanie Savage (via EW), it was the former.

“The big story at the end of this season was the [William] story, and we wanted Dan to be available to really be in that story with everyone else,” Steph explains.

“And it felt like it was nicer to give Dan and Vanessa their own ending to their story rather than try and thread that through that [William's] complex story line.”

In other words, even the producers know V is kinda useless when it comes to broad, intertwining plots that bring the Gossip Girl characters together. Awesome.

Oh, Poor V

Vanessa's summer in Haiti began two episodes early.

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She is never gonna kicked off since she dates the most favorite character on the show! Besides, if you all think she is a terrible actress then you haven't paid attention to blake lively or tailor momsen! Besides, I think the audiances need someone to hate on it makes things more interesting! She gets fired and I assure you Ed westwick leaves the show too, I actually think she's a genious for getting with the actor, she assures her future on the show, I would have done the same!


hahahah this is so funny. That stinks for jessica, but her character is pretty pointless. Sorry, but she should definitely be kicked offfff!!!


lol. love this article.


We've given her since season one to change our minds about her but since her acting sucks so bad and still hasn't gotten better, I really think there's no hope for her at all. And it's gotten to the point where I have to FF every scene of hers because she's that pathetic.


Yeah, this is a ridiculous argument. I'm a woman of color and I can tell you this character is as boring as she's useless. And I agree with bm232, the fact that this has to be pointed out makes it retarded in itself.
I just truly believe this actress can't carry the storyline, they've given her plenty of opportunities to make us LOVE HER CHARACTER but I still find myself going to get a drink of water whenever she comes on the screen because she just doesn't capture the audience.
The last few episode of this season I didn't even notice her gone, that's really sad.
And I agree with whoever said it seems like the actress has connections because in any other show a character that was so disliked would've been written off a long long time ago!


rita, your post is absolute nonsense. There are tons of smart, ambitious, intelligent female characters on TV that are also AWESOME. See, for instance, all the women on Bones (two of whom are women of color.) Vanessa Abrams is none of the above. She's SUPPOSED to be, but the writers have totally failed at presenting her that way. And the actress is TERRIBLE. She needs to go far, far away and never come back. Being a character of color doesn't automatically make you a good character. This is so obvious I can't believe I'm saying it.


awe, boo. I love Vanessa and Jessica. She's amazing and you guys are just haters.


@rita, a smart, intelligent and ambitious character doesn't have to be boring! Miranda from SATC is one example and she's not boring at all


She is the only actress of colour on that superficial show! She is boring because she is smart, intelligent and has real ambitions unlike serena or blair who care about stuff nobody in the real world cares about.I mean, vanessa and dan are the only ones who actually go to college, study and have ambitions when it comes to their future. Can you honestly say the same about other characters on the show? I like and I don't care if i'm the only one. I'm sick of blair being obsessed by superficial issues such as scheming for stupid purpose or going to shpo. I can't even comment on serena, she's the worst character on the show, every episode she is in love with someone else and then goes back to the same guy telling him the same shit over and over again!


cant they make her character dead or something?
like make her one of the victims of the Haiti earthquake
I promise I will let GG make 1 episode dedicated to her, for her memorial service and maybe everyone close to her will say something about her (like that one episode on Desperate Housewives)
I wont got bored I promiseeee as long as she would never appear on GG again after than!


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