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My TV Fanatic cohorts, M.L. House and Mr. Probst make decent points about the Lost finale:

Yes, action on the island was difficult to care about because the rules and developments felt so arbitrary. And, yes, the reveal of the Sideways World as a form of Purgatory felt disconnected from storylines that were the main focus of season six. Or the entire show in general, for that matter.

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But why be negative? Lost was never a perfect show, merely an ambitious one, unlike anything seen on television before. The finale continued this tradition. Consider these positives from it:

  • Amazing acting. Even when I knew when island enlightenment was about to take place, I was moved to tears. First, Sun and Jin got me. Then, Kate and Claire. Finally, Sawyer and Juliet. Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway formed such chemistry over such a short period of time that even when I knew exactly what Juliet was gonna say about meeting for coffee, I reached for Kleenex.
  • Incredible direction. The final scene, where Lost interspersed Jack's greeting of dead friends with his death on the island, should be shown in every Directing 101 class around the world.
  • Character connections. Admit it, you feel silly wondering about the Dharma food drops and other minute details now, don't you? Lost created a universe of layered, complicated characters unlike any depicted on TV. We went on a ride with these individuals for six rich seasons, culminating in scenes many of us will be rewinding on our DVR for weeks to come: an enlightened Locke telling Jack “I hope that somebody does for you what you just did for me;" Jack finally embracing his father; Locke forgiving Ben. Great moments, well-earned all around.
  • The show spoke to us. More than anything, Lost rose to prominence because fans loved to debate it and discuss it online, at work, in restaurants. In many ways, we're responsible for its success; not just because we watched, but because we became immersed in it. In this way, the finale didn't just speak to Jack, it spoke to all of us: we aren't dead, but we are part of a community that relied on each other and had an incredible, memorable experience with a group of strangers.

That's what I'll take with me. I look forward to hearing your comments and to meeting my friends tonight to discuss the finale, some of whom I didn't know when Lost premiered.

We might not be moving toward any light together, but we are moving toward a life without Lost - and if we don't relive it together, well, we're gonna drink alone.


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Ridiculous ending. Completely failed to answer any of the mysteries that had driven most of the six series. A total cop out.


Disagree. Parts of the finale were okay - the part in the waiting room was rubbish. I wanted the island and the science explained, insight into the other groups of humans who built structures, the meaning of the lighthouse, where Jacob and the MIB ended up, what happened to the spirits on the island etc etc etc


will you upload a round table for the finale? 'cause I and I think everyone is eager to it :D


I have a question. How do the promo pictures of the last super and the pieces of art work reveal what would unfold during season 6? I really don't see it...


Absolutely brilliant!! After watching the ending, I finally understood the islands message of 'Whatever, happened... happened'. The answers to the few unanswered questions dont matter anymore, cause its all about the big picture. I was just so darn happy to see Juliet/Sawyer and Sun/Jin reunited, even if in death. It was a truly capitivating series...


It's been I don't know how many hours and I'm STILL processing it all. Though I must admit - whether you loved it or not, it was EPIC.


I thought that was the most amazing finale of a series ever! This show, and therefore this finale, wasn't about the island, or the others, or the smoke monster, or etc., etc.,...it was about the people on Oceanic 815 and, like so often in this show, left much open to each individuals uniques interpretation...sort of like life, right? The acting was so awesome that the reunions of all of the couples from series start to finish felt so real that I had to hold back tears each time...from Sawyer & Juliet to Sayid & Shannon. I think people who are disappointed are just thinking too much; the Lost finale, for me, wasn't designed to make me think...it was designed to make me feel.


Who else teared up right as Vincent walked up and lays beside Jack in his moment of passing...(tear jus thinking about it). And that was just one moment out of many that made me so emotional...just an amazing end to an even more amazing show...LOST, but never FORGOTTEN


It was an amazing end to an amazing show. Still has me tearing up every time I think about it.


i always felt as though lost wasnt going to give us answers cause we looked way too much into the general story to begin with. Look at the flash sideways, on everyones account, everything happened too quickly and too happily for such broken people. It was too good to be true, so obviously it had to be part of a universe that was too good to be true. In many ways, the ending was profound and beautiful. It wasnt meant to let us walk away without wondering anything else about the series as a whole. No. Now we can walk away knowing we were part of millions who stucked through it along side these characters and we can walk into the light with them. All those who are coming down hard on it, just embrace the fact that you never truly got the meaning of lost and that youre just wasting your time in trying to answer useless questions. This was a moment in television that will never be forgotten. It was the best finale that fit Lost and it's purpose.

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