Which Gossip Girl Season Was Your Favorite?

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Gossip Girl has come a long way since its pilot episode in September 2007.

Back then, the focus was on Serena and why she left town, and whether her stormy past would come back to haunt her. Now, her present is pretty stormy as well.

Then, little Jenny was an innocent Brooklyn girl looking to fit into this glitzy new world. Now, she's morphed into a Grade A badass and has left town, Serena style.

Then, Dan was Lonely Boy. Now, he may be the father of a Little Boy.

Then, Nate Archibald was a stoner with no direction. Now, he's at least attending classes at Columbia sometimes ... we haven't seen this, but he's come a long way.

Then, Blair Waldorf was the prim and proper Queen B, a sassy, sarcastic schemer with a heart of gold. She's still all of these things - but a bit more mature now!

Then, Chuck Bass was a supporting character. Now, he's the heart of Gossip Girl - and his fate hangs in the balance as we await the start of Season Four this fall.

Vanessa ... never mind.

Graduation Day

Blair and Serena graduate in the Season 2 finale (May 2009).

What we're getting at is this: How do you think the just-completed Season Three stacks up with the previous two? Do you think she show is on an upward trajectory?

What changes would you make heading into the fourth season, and what sort of things did you like about Seasons One and/or Two that you see less of now, if any?

We love the show and always have, and feel each season has its merits for different reasons. What do you think? Share your comments and vote in our survey below.

What was your favorite season of Gossip Girl?

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season 1 was definitely my favourite, seeing serena and dan together they looked so happy, and the drama just seemed more real and constant and, I'm not sure what it was about but because the were at school it was easy to associate with even though it was over dramatised


Season 1 ,, remember the N/B/C triangle i still think they could have make it even better, & CHAIR Started :D


Season 1 was obviously the best. Season 1 had love triangles, rivalry between Serena and Blair, and so much more. It also had the one of the best episodes ever which was the one that featured Jenny's 16th birthday and Serena claimed she killed someone.


OMG season 1 and 2 were both brilliant. I think I like season 2 better though because of the Chuck and Blair games, but they were both brilliant. Season 3 is still great but not as good as those, hopefully Season 4 will get some of the old gossip girl mojo back! x


I just want more Gossip Girl tips and bombs, plus let Blair and Chuck go their own way for a while and play games just like Season Two, plus more bitchiness for Blair, let her rule Colombia!


Season one was just the best. It was perfect. The best clothes, the best relationships, the best lines ["I'd say let's get the bitch."], just the best.


seonson1 of course who can't remeber the where it all started. blair the queen bee with everything perfect boyfriend and life, serena just came back who wants to chane everything about her self ,nate thhe fit bloke who evetone in the school wants to date him,chuck the sceaming boy who dad doesn't care about him but he also very rich,humphrey the boy who wants to be a writer but got the hots for serena nad date and jenny well lil j who soo sweet and kind and wants everyone to like her but that comes to a faithful price when she starts to become popular and blair hates her ...this is the real start of gossip girls which made people ¬!! who can blame meee seasopn 4 better be as big with blair on her feet away from chuck who can stop her in her tracks, serena and nate split will there be love for neither off them , jenny gone thank goddd!! will she ever come back ,humphrey waiting for vanessa will georgina secreat ruin the relashionship there is alot off things to look for !!! xoxox thats gossip girls


SEASON 1 !!!!!!
there was so much juicy drama and i belive all of the characters were developed so well through out the whole season. Blair with her queen status, head bands, and (amazing) clothes ! Serena, with her "i want to change" attitude. Nate with his cute stoner mentality. Chuck with his preppy coniving minipulitive ways. Dans witty humor. Jennys sweetness and want to be liked. Vaness wasnt in the first couple episodes which was awesome (cant stand her ). And alright, this is where chair was born people ! The infamous limo scene ! Sex after nate ditched. The steamy chuck and blair scenes that at times made the show !!!!!
Season 4 better be good, cant wait till the fall...


Um Season one was good! The relationship between Dan and Serena was amazing....Season two was better i loved the relationship between Jenny and Nate and dey shud bring it back ... As for Season 3 the relationship between Chuck and Blair made it the most amazing season ever!!!!They should'nt tamper with that! And in season 4 im sure they will show that Georgina was lying! They shoud bring back Chuck and Blair,Nate and Jenny , Dan and Vnessa and show that Eric is straight!


ha ha Vanessa shouldn't even bother to come back, I honestly wouldn't care. I liked how Blair was finding it hard to transition to the 'real world' of college. I would like to see the characters grapple with that sort of thing as they make the change from teenage hood to adulthood, it should be an underlying theme. It would give the show some sort of depth for the next season. And more classy joints, decadence and excess and witty banter wouldn't go astray either. How about some petty squabbles between the NJBC with funny lines, or a big scheming that ends with a takedown that fits together perfectly.


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