Which Gossip Girl Season Was Your Favorite?

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Gossip Girl has come a long way since its pilot episode in September 2007.

Back then, the focus was on Serena and why she left town, and whether her stormy past would come back to haunt her. Now, her present is pretty stormy as well.

Then, little Jenny was an innocent Brooklyn girl looking to fit into this glitzy new world. Now, she's morphed into a Grade A badass and has left town, Serena style.

Then, Dan was Lonely Boy. Now, he may be the father of a Little Boy.

Then, Nate Archibald was a stoner with no direction. Now, he's at least attending classes at Columbia sometimes ... we haven't seen this, but he's come a long way.

Then, Blair Waldorf was the prim and proper Queen B, a sassy, sarcastic schemer with a heart of gold. She's still all of these things - but a bit more mature now!

Then, Chuck Bass was a supporting character. Now, he's the heart of Gossip Girl - and his fate hangs in the balance as we await the start of Season Four this fall.

Vanessa ... never mind.

Graduation Day

Blair and Serena graduate in the Season 2 finale (May 2009).

What we're getting at is this: How do you think the just-completed Season Three stacks up with the previous two? Do you think she show is on an upward trajectory?

What changes would you make heading into the fourth season, and what sort of things did you like about Seasons One and/or Two that you see less of now, if any?

We love the show and always have, and feel each season has its merits for different reasons. What do you think? Share your comments and vote in our survey below.

What was your favorite season of Gossip Girl?

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season 2 fosho.
season 1 is yesterday's news now.


season 1...it had simply story lines that were character driven.The relationship of Dan and Serena even though some think it was boring totally gave the UES normalcy..of course the famous Chair hook up...the love triangles,the great parties,clothes,...the characters ran the show
s2 is 2nd fav..Chair games,Derena makeup and breakup,Vanessa was tolerable,Nate was slightly interesting,Jenny and her struggles to fit in continued..ERIC,Lily and Rufus were a bit of fun,CYRUS, s3 was a bit of a yawn...Blair became clingy and quite annoying,Serena unbearable,Rufus and Lily annoyed the hell outa me.,jus all round fail s3..too much plot driven sl instead of focusing on the characters.cant relate anymore.in s1 it ws relatable to s4...Bring back Bitchy Blair,Smart-good decision making Serena,Dan and his witty comments,storylines besides being in relationships,kill rufus and Lily,get rid of Yawnessa,Ruthless gameplaying Chuck back,and give Nate an interesting storyline..MORE ERIC PLEASE


season 3 was awful.. season 3 was torchering....


i loved season 1. i love the mystical Serena and forbidden loves between Nate and her...I don't like the opening season 1 they're making for Serena and Dan.. i really hate Dan .. i don't know why.. he is the most annoying characters next to Vanessa and jenny.. season 3 would be great becuz of the reunion of Nate and Serena but it wasn't done properly. i really love Serenate but the writers really destroyed them.. They are gorgeous and have chemistry and history...they could have explored their dynamic so much more than what they did. The way they ended it didn't seem realistic either. i just dont get it why they breaking up Serenate..


i loved what hapent to vanessa's character..is the only one who does so mytch thinks..

Melanie xo

Hmm.. I don't know actually I like all of them?? :D
But the first season is my favorite :P


SEASON ONE = The Best - Dan & Serena's amazing story - Blair's parties and the sleepover (Truth or Dare) - Rufus and Lily were actually interesting - Masquerade Ball - THE LIMO SCENE - Chair is born - The sweet Jenny - Blair's headbands and plotting - Blair's clothes - The Penelope girls and 'probation' - Blair sending Geogina to that boot camp! Oh and Vanessa wasn't in the first few eps. :) -


whether it's seinfield, friends, how i met your mother, or star trek, nothing compares to the fresh-ness of first/original season. even in movies, the sequel is never as good as the first.


Season 3 sucks.Chair in the background and no sexy/hot scene? FAIL WRITERS.


I really liked all of the seasons and I don't think it's fair to pit them against each other because they're all so different. They kind of fit together like a book. The first season was amazing. The first 6 episodes gave everyone a feel for each of the characters and really what they were all about. Then, with episode 7 everything started to fall into motion. Things start happening and affecting each other and one thing after another. Season finale kind of leaves everyone on edge and wondering "What's next? I can't stop now!" Then, in season two, we learn where everyone stands from the short amount of time they were apart. Unlike last season, however, we get started with the motion of things within the first episode and everything flows from there. The finale of season two was kind of like the last chapter of the book. Finally, in season 3, it's kind of like the epilogue. It's showing that everything is fine and continues on no matter where we were left. THEN, I feel like the last part of season 3 was almost like the epilogue of an epilogue, but the kind that implies there will be a new book. So, with that said, it feels like the end of season 3 was just a chance to end an amazing book and start a new "chapter" per say. I have a feeling next season won't disappoint because they've given themselves a lot to work with.


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