Will Your Favorite Show Get Canceled?

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Next week, all major networks will present their fall schedules.

Leading up to these announcements, fans of long-running shows such as Heroes and One Tree Hill are worried about their favorite program's future. The same goes for viewers of new dramas such as V and FlashForward.

Which series will make the cut? And what fan base will be left weeping? Let's weigh the renewal odds of shows teetering on the brink of cancellation...

This Battlestar Galactica prequel has averaged just 1.1 million viewers over its first nine episodes. The second half of its first season will air some time in 2010. Ratings will have to almost double for a chance at survival.
Odds of renewal: 25-1

Cold Case
Overall ratings are fine, but pretty much no one between the advertising-friendly demo of 18-49 watches it. Production costs are as high as its odds of renewal.
Odds of renewal: 35-1

As Benford
Anna with her Visa

FlashForward or V: Which ABC sci-fi show would you save?

Fell to under five million viewers last week. Storylines are a mess, show runners keep changing and the main character is a bore.
Odds of renewal: 40-1

Ratings are slightly better than FlashForward. If ABC keeps one of these around, it will (smartly) bank on Elizabeth Mitchell over Joseph Finnes.
Odds of renewal: 12-1

One Tree Hill & Life Unexpected
One has been around forever, the other is a CW newbie. But sources say both these shows will receive 13-episode pick-ups and air on Monday nights.
Odds of renewal: 5-1

Human Target
The good news? It won its Wednesday night time slot often this winter. Bad news? That's one of the least competitive on TV.
Odds of renewal: 8-1

The show that (somehow) won't die. Abysmal fourth season ratings were off-set by strong DVD sales and international popularity. NBC still gives it a chance. We believe that because, hey, it's NBC.
Odds of renewal: 10-1

Fits in well with The Ghost Whisperer on Friday nights, but production costs are high. Its survival will probably depend on the strength of CBS' development slate.
Odds of renewal: 15-1

Ironically, for a show based on a hospital, as good as dead. Struggles to reach six million viewers each week.
Odds of renewal: 50-1

Melrose Place
Has a better chance of winning an Emmy for writing than it does of receiving a second season.
Odds of renewal: 1,000-1

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Bummer they are canceling Mercy when they ended it with a rather depressing cliff-hanger. At least Cold Case tied up loose ends on their last episode.


M.L House- CBS is being dumb, because they knew all too well that the younger audience does watch Cold Case. They are just being too ignorant, and lying on top about it. Perhaps if they actually did promote the show, which they have never done every in the seven years that this show has been on the air, they wouldn't be saying that. It just goes to show that they don't know too much about its fan database or anything else. The ratings are good, so just keep it for another season. or even a half but the seventh season finale was just a finale not meant to be a series finale. Hopefully CBS will renew it and gives fans what we want


One tree hill is not over. It has had a great and long run, but if this season proves anything, it's that One Tree Hill can still be fresh. It has flawlessly transitioned out 2 of the 5 biggest characters of the series, and added a few new regulars without losing the tone and feel of the show. I would also love to see chad michael murray and hilarie burton return to the series, but OTH has proven that it can exist without them. It is in its 7th season and i still look forward to the new episode each week. Unlike many tv shows, OTH has managed to exist for so long without losing everything that has made it great. One Tree Hill has more stories to tell and should not be put to sleep just because it is a senior citizen in tv years.


okay i think you need to keep One Tree Hill on here because a lot of people i know watch it this is one show my whole family can sit down to and watch together we all love it even me and my boyfriend watches it. I have EVERY single season... one tree hill is awesome so idc if u have lose all the ones up here keep one tree hill!!! and also when u keep one tree hill bring back Chad michael Murray (Lucas Scott) and hilarie Burton (Peyton Sawyer)they were the show thats what made that show big so yea.. but keep one tree hill thanks




Not medium!!! That show is too gd!


The only show I care about on this list is Life Unexpected! They really need to renew that show!


I am sick and tired of all the runaround net works do on series that could be good but were never given a chance. shows like V, Human target, cold case, are about to be axed; in favoer of shows that need to end there run, or that have past their fads. shows like the simpsons, american idol, survioer, dacining with the stars, wife swap, the good wife, and friday night lights. why because the exuctives wife, girlfriend, or mistresses like those shows and the stay on the air. why give a show a chance just to say this is crap. when show are repeating them selves like simpsons how many times has the same plot played, just in diffrent ways.

Matt richenthal

@Lii2: Thank you for reading and I appreciate your passion for Cold Case. However, it's the lowest-rated show on a major network between the ages of 18-49 in its time slot. This is not a critique of the show, nor am I literally saying that no one in age group watches it.
This is simply a fact, I've done plenty of research on it and report on ratings for TV Fanatic every day. CBS has, by far, the oldest average viewers of any major network and is looking to get younger because advertisers pay more for spots on shows with a younger audience - again, this is simply a fact. The information, by the way, can be found at The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, a number of sources. If you have numbers to the contrary, by all means pass them along.


Are you people insane, people between 18-49 do watch Cold Case. I don't even know where your even getting your crap information from. It's wrong, and secondly Cold Case isn't the most expensive show on tv. Do your research next time, before writing an aritcle. It helps to have the right information. There are also younger fans that also watch this show. I don't believe that this article is true, it's a bunch on nonsense.