Zeljko Ivanek to Reprise Role on True Blood, Cause Problems for Eric and Pam

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Zeljko Ivanek is returning to True Blood.

The actor, who has guest-starred on pretty much every TV show to ever air (Damages, House, Big Love) plays the powerful Magister. He's the character who ordered Bill to turn Jessica.

As first reported by TV Guide, look for the Magister to crack down on the illegal V trade in Louisiana on season three. This will create problems for the Queen, Eric and Pam because they are all key players in it.

As The Magister

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The magister has a higher authority than the monarchs as he has jurisdiction over all of north america, though the vampire with the most power is "The Authority" who has been mentioned few times..


Best news I've heard all day. Zeljko Ivanek is an amazing actor that I've enjoyed in every guest appearance on every show I've seen him in.


The queen has higher authority then the magister! If you remember the episode of season 1 where Bill is forced to turn Jessica: Here is the dialogue: Bill Compton: The three of you will stay away from me and Sookie from now on.
Malcolm: I’m your elder. You have no authority here.
Bill Compton: There are higher authorities.
Malcolm: I’m not afraid of Eric.
Bill Compton: Higher than him.
Malcolm: Well than she can speak to me.


im guessing the magister is higher, as the queen is only queen of louisiana, where as the magister may hold a higher authority of a broader area >_> but who knows, i personally never read the books... prolly should at some point :D


Ok,I'm a little confused about the difference between the Magister and the Queen...who's the higher authority?

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