Clemence Poesy Cast as Eva on Gossip Girl

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Rumors of Gossip Girl casting a new French fling for Chuck Bass surfaced a few weeks ago, but now fans have a name and face to go with the already-infamous Eva.

Harry Potter actress Clemence Poesy will be casting a spell on Chuck this fall, Entertainment Weekly reports, having signed on to portray Eva for "multiple episodes."

The 27-year-old, who hails from suburban Paris in real life, will make her first appearance in the fourth season premiere, which will take place in the French capital.

Chuck's new girl is described as a warm-hearted bombshell who joins him in Paris, much to the surprise of Blair, who's been spending the summer there with Serena.

Clemence Poesy Picture

Clemence Poesy will play Eva on Gossip Girl.

Because Season 3 concluded in shocking, open-ended fashion, with Chuck shot on the streets of Prague, it's quite unclear where the producers are taking this Eva thing.

Chuck is a changed man, supposedly, but what does that even mean?

Needless to say, Eva will not be entering the Gossip Girl world with a huge fan base. How happy is Vanessa right now? People might hate someone more than her!

What do you make of the casting of Clemence Poesy - and how do think Blair will react to the fact that Chuck has a new French fling. Will that fling last? Discuss!

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Erin - We are so in LOVE and i feel like you captured that pelrcetfy. Vanessa and Blanca did an absolutely fabulous job of being totally cool and keeping us calm during the whole event. Who knew we were so comfortable infront of a camera? I owe that all to you guys. Thanks for being a part of our wedding.July 1, 2009 2:44 am


Does anyone know how long Clemence is scheduled to appear on GG? Please don't tell me the whole season. I find her infuriating! And how Chuck magically changed for her. Great. Never mind all the effort Blair put in.


I think it shone a new light on chuck, that her cared for/loved someone other than blair. He came across as caring and understanding. A softer more of a normal guy, not stiff and upper class snob. Not seeming to care about her past(sighs),although there wasn't full trust as he believed her to have stollen his passport. And she left him people although he did go after her after finding out about Blairs involvement. Eva had a beautiful french accent. Loved her in HP. I think she was a great choice. good going guys!


I love Clemence, so pure and good. The show needs someone fresh and chic like her. I'm a bit tired of Chuck & Blair, Blair & Chuck.They should be apart forever so Blair move on!


Chuck and Blair apart have brought a bit of excitement. BUT there is no way they are apart forever, Chuck cannot love anyone but Blair!!! If CHAIR will be separeted we will not watch GG never!!! ever.


chuck and blair have to get back together!! i was crying at the end of the last episode of season 3. and wen she found out he got shot for her, how cud she not love him anymore???? but i dont care about anymore all i care about is if they get back together. no matter why or how. besides if they dont people are gonna stop watching it cause like half of all gg fans only watch it for that. eva can just go die in a hole!


I love Vanessa. Just not Vanessa/Dan. But tell Clemence Poesy to GO BACK TO WHERE SHE CAME FROM!!!!!!!!!


I can't, and never will, understand the hatred for Vanessa. As for Clemence Posey, I welcome her too, because there is no drama if Blair and Chuck aren't together. It's called writing for TV, people. Jeez.


I love Clémence :)


why because they changed characters that didnt need to be changed, and they realised this at the end where they showed everyone changing back to what they were in the beginning.
chuck ad blair are so good as couple, and the directors need to get them back together cause whether you want to believe it or not the show is heading for cancellation.
if you watched the OC then you know what im talking about. the writers did the same thing as they did in the season finale of the oc, they killed off their best character marissa (which is much like what they did with chuck, but he did not die), the oc continued for another season (4) before it got axed. i think adding this new character in the mix will certainly ruin the show, and ive seen this girls acting and its very good, but even if they added in a johnny depp etc the shows ratings are still going to fall. i think the writers need to hire a professional, sit down and think about where this show is going to go and what will us the audience think. if they had ears they would definitely find a way to put chair together and save the show. they need to take a leaf from the other shows that have been going on for seasons, like friends, or more relatable- one tree hil. if this is the last season, which i think it might be, chair need to get married!!!
also i think they really need to get rid of vanessa, shes just using up valuable space.

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