Clemence Poesy Cast as Eva on Gossip Girl

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Rumors of Gossip Girl casting a new French fling for Chuck Bass surfaced a few weeks ago, but now fans have a name and face to go with the already-infamous Eva.

Harry Potter actress Clemence Poesy will be casting a spell on Chuck this fall, Entertainment Weekly reports, having signed on to portray Eva for "multiple episodes."

The 27-year-old, who hails from suburban Paris in real life, will make her first appearance in the fourth season premiere, which will take place in the French capital.

Chuck's new girl is described as a warm-hearted bombshell who joins him in Paris, much to the surprise of Blair, who's been spending the summer there with Serena.

Clemence Poesy Picture

Clemence Poesy will play Eva on Gossip Girl.

Because Season 3 concluded in shocking, open-ended fashion, with Chuck shot on the streets of Prague, it's quite unclear where the producers are taking this Eva thing.

Chuck is a changed man, supposedly, but what does that even mean?

Needless to say, Eva will not be entering the Gossip Girl world with a huge fan base. How happy is Vanessa right now? People might hate someone more than her!

What do you make of the casting of Clemence Poesy - and how do think Blair will react to the fact that Chuck has a new French fling. Will that fling last? Discuss!

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chuck and blair will be together in the end.. maybe he just lost some of his memory due to the shooting and when he sees blair it will all come back to him... aha a girl can dream


it sounds bad but i really hope he cheats on her with blair. it might bring back the crazy sexy rollercoaster relationship they had in seasons 1&2. im never for cheating on another person but i think this is different because chuck and blair have something incredible.


To me it is interesting to see Chuck falling with a new girl, he has only had Blair as girlfriend so he needs someone else to realize that Blair is his real real love (which is). Also for Blair give her a man!.:p


OMG Clemence Posey from HP Goblet Of FIRE! this is so exciting, can't wait to see her character and her and chuck!!! as for G being may not turn out to be Dan's but if it is true.. the drama is going to be BIG! What ever happened to rufus and lillys illegitimate son? Also can we have more valley girl flash backs?? How did Lilly end up with Serena's father? I wanna know!!


Season 3 was a total fiasco because gossip girl's writers are not the best ones. I mean, come on, they had Blair and Chuck in their hands, two of the most interesting characters in TV until season 2, and what they did? They changed so much the characters and the dynamic of them as a couple. Instead of writing Blair and Chuck as a sexy, hot, scheming, mean, powerful UES couple they wrote them as a 40 year old couple. Chair coule be so great as a couple, so much potential, but no, our amazing writers completly changed them. WHY?


Wow i'm so happy they casted her! :) she is so incredibly beautiful and an amazing actress. and btw people.. pull yourselves together ! did you really like chuck and blair in season 3? they were so annoying and winny! they were so not how they were in the first season (which in my opinion was the best one). Blair needs to be a bitch and Chuck a womanizer. they will end up together in the end for sure but for now they HAVE to stay apart i mean come on.. season 3 was a total fiasco --'


i don't think it will last.. i hope so... blair and chuck belong together


who ever is saying that gossipgirl was bad in season 3 and that not keeping chuck and blair together is bad than you are stupid. Because of course they will get back together at somestage. but giving chuck a new girl will make this a whole new storey for chuck and blair to work things out like they did in season2. Chuck will relise he still loves blair and they will play games again and it will make it waaay more interesting. Keeping them together isn't interesting. When they fight for each other it's sooo much better. Have faith gossip girl is amazinggg you all know it. i love it and i think that season4 will be good. i can't wait xoxo


ahhh! shes fleur in the harry potter movies!


the writers have really destroyed Chair!
didn't they know some of the things that make Chair so special are Chuck's B's first and Chuck never loves another girl/date another girl other than they all gone! C is also J's first and he's going to love/date someone else
and my guess is the story will probably goes like this...when C starts to fall in love with B again and wants to break up with this girl, he suddenly finds out she suffers from an incurable disease (cancer or something) so he decides to stay with her instead even though he loves B...cheesy much? thats most likely what the writers are going to do!!!

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