Clemence Poesy Cast as Eva on Gossip Girl

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Rumors of Gossip Girl casting a new French fling for Chuck Bass surfaced a few weeks ago, but now fans have a name and face to go with the already-infamous Eva.

Harry Potter actress Clemence Poesy will be casting a spell on Chuck this fall, Entertainment Weekly reports, having signed on to portray Eva for "multiple episodes."

The 27-year-old, who hails from suburban Paris in real life, will make her first appearance in the fourth season premiere, which will take place in the French capital.

Chuck's new girl is described as a warm-hearted bombshell who joins him in Paris, much to the surprise of Blair, who's been spending the summer there with Serena.

Clemence Poesy Picture

Clemence Poesy will play Eva on Gossip Girl.

Because Season 3 concluded in shocking, open-ended fashion, with Chuck shot on the streets of Prague, it's quite unclear where the producers are taking this Eva thing.

Chuck is a changed man, supposedly, but what does that even mean?

Needless to say, Eva will not be entering the Gossip Girl world with a huge fan base. How happy is Vanessa right now? People might hate someone more than her!

What do you make of the casting of Clemence Poesy - and how do think Blair will react to the fact that Chuck has a new French fling. Will that fling last? Discuss!

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Finally. :D
I've been waiting for this way to long.


for my effing god, i'll never agree for chuck dating this girl! we all know that blair is the only girl for chuck and chuck is the only boy for blair. he was about to propose her! blame Jenny for all of these mess! thank goodness she's get back to hudson. please please please i'm begging you please don't even think to make chuck dating another girl, or if it's real i hope he'll get back to blair on season 4. i'm waiting for it :)


I personally believe that everyone should calm down because Chuck and Blair are going to end up together it is very clear, The writers can be stupid but to end the show without the most popular couple together they would not do.Lets face it Chuck and Blair are going to go through many of "Eva's" and other problems but their relationship and bond will hold them together. I also think as much as this saddens me Gossip Girl will be cancelled after the Fourth Season as ratings are dropping quickly who agrees??


Why is Chuck not fighting for Blair??? Please don't let him fall for this girl! I will never watch GG again if so. This better have a second motive in favour of CHAIR!xoxo


Ooooh I love her, she's soo gorgeous!! I just wish she wasn't playing Chuck's new girl... :((( TEAM CHAIR!!


This made me kinda sad. We all knew if was gonna happen, but hopefully it'll be over quick. But at least the old Blair will be back, because if THIS doesn't bring her ack, nothing will. She was kind of boring in Season 3, so it can't really get much worse.


You know, sometimes I read these spoilers of these "ideas" the writers come up with to bring in drama and it makes me want to bang my head against a wall. Not only are they doing NOTHING to have Chuck fight to get Blair back but now he gets a girlfriend. And we're supposed to be on his side why? I've said this before but the more I hear about S4 the less I want to watch it, just want to cuddle with my S1/S2/earlyS3 DVDs and pretend the show ended in 3.12


WOW, And to think I was gonna give gg a second chance after the fail that was season 3. The first half was boring and the second half was full of stupid OMG moments. I thought they were gonna rebuild chair and chuck's character, but it looks like it's not gonna happen. So: Gossip Girl - You've sucked so much lately, I really can't stand the cheap OMFG moments anymore. If you don't care about your characters anymore, then why should I? I guess this is the end of our relationship. I always thought it was a little unhealthy, but I tried to make it work anyways. But alas, you failed me -- we're done-zo. And I mean it this time -- No more secretly tuning halfway through the episode just to peak at the current (and abominable) story lines. Goodbye forever!


My heart broke a little when i read this... : (


My broke a little when i read this!!!! : (

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