House Spoilers for Season Seven: A Huddy Vacation, A New Doctor and More!

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House fans are still buzzing over the season seven premiere picture that surfaced online last week. In it, House and Cuddy look like an actual, happy couple.

Many of us long-time viewers never thought we'd see the day.

But producer Katie Jacobs has gone on the record again, confirming that these two will engage in a "meaningful relationship" this fall. She's even shed light on the September premiere, which will find the pair getting away from the hospital for a bit.

"Anywhere other than Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital is an easier place for them to be together in a relationship," Jacobs told TV Guide Magazine. "That's where we start — 'What if we only have each other?'"

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The producer continues to tease the season ahead, saying House and Cuddy will double date with Wilson and Sam and:

"What's cool about Season 7 is that House is going to try to stay off drugs and have a meaningful relationship. We don't rush through this. It's taken six years to get there, so this is not a story that's going to be done in three episodes."

Jacobs also said Jennifer Morrison will return for a few episodes, but she won't serve as a replacement for Thirteen. The show will likely cast a new female doctor for that role.

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I want Cameron and Chase back together


Cameron is a dumb bitch. I do not like her at all and I'm glad she's off the show. 13 is so much better! I liked cameron until the end of season 3 then I just started hating her. Especially when she blamed house for killing that guy.


Actually I think the double date would be really fun to watch. Go on youtube and search GregHouseRules2, he has a video that shows secrets of their double date, Go-Cart riding!!! Amazing!


Oh Gosh, Jennifer Morrison's coming back! YAY! I miss her, and it will be hard to see her leaving once again, but it's good to hear that she's coming back, if only for a few episodes (The last time she did I hadn't read any spoilers, and I just screamed louder than I expected and kinda freaked out, A LOT). I'm just hoping to see Cammie and Chase back together, but I guess this ain't gonna happen.
By the way: WTF?! Double date?! With Wilson and the wicked witch? That sucks. Really, really sucks.
Can't wait to see House and Cuddy together. It took, how long? six years to get them to this. I'm not expecting a wedding or something like that, just the fact that they finally got to admit they love each other is HUGE deal.


Yes, I agree too. Cameron had to come back. She said in her last episode to House:"I was in love with you but I went to Chase". That would be a good position to come back and make the life hard for cuddy - BUT dont get me wrong - Iam a real Huli/Huddy fan


Can't wait to see House and Cuddy together in season 7!!!


Yay for everything except Jennifer Morrison not coming back full time. :( Ugh miss her! and I hate Thirteen. Hopefully the new doctor is good.

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