John Stamos to Recur on Season Two of Glee!

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While Glee fans prepare to bid farewell to their favorite show tonight, a major piece of casting news should at least keep them buzzing all summer long:

As first reported by, John Stamos has signed a deal to recur on season two of this Fox smash!

John Stamos

What role will Stamos likely play? Competition for Will.

As previously reported, Emma will reveal to Will on this week's finale that she has fallen for another man: her dentist. The former Full House star will take on this character and, it's safe to assume, sing-off against the leader of New Directions for Emma's heart next season at some point.

Stamos does have a musical background: he's starred in Bye Bye Birdie on Broadway, along with other productions.

What do you think of this casting choice?

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I think John Stamos is a crappy choice. The guy has no talent. He was terrible on ER. Further, calling him a "musician" is a bit generous. I think the shows producers should put the breaks on hiring a slew of new characters. The formula they had in Season 1 works. Adding one, maybe two new characters is reasonable. Adding anymore will dilute story lines.


I think john is too old for Emma. I mean he is like 45, right? She's supposed to be around 30.


I love the idea! Frankly, he seems like one of the very few actors that could compete with Matthew Morrison's charm. John vs. Will(Matt) I can't wait ;)


Oh my god I'm sooooo excited for him I love him! Lucky girl, Emma....


I REALLY wanted Hugh Jackman...but I'm thinking he might play one of Rachel's gay dads. Though I am sort of tired of seeing him play gay when he's truly straight...but he DOES do a good job of it too. Anyways, can't wait to see Stamos rock it out on Glee!!!


Sounds great ! i love the variety of actors that we get in the show and he's a great choice.
Let's see how he does :)


I really like John Stamos but I want James Marden !!!!!!

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