Justified Producer Explains Finale, Previews Season Two

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The terrific first season of Justified came to an end this week. Among the many developments on the season finale:

Boyd escaped death... again.

Indeed, while Walton Goggins wasn't even a series regular when Justified premiered, creator and executive producer Graham Yost said storylines were adjusted to fit his character's chemistry with that of Timothy Olyphant's Raylan.

"We knew the [Raylan and Boyd] relationship would help form the spine of the season," Yost told TV Guide. "Heading into the finale we knew we wanted to both resolve some things, get some answers, and yet throw open more questions.

"The big question is, 'What's going to happen with Boyd, what's Raylan going to do?' He's implicated in the murder of a confidential informant from the meth lab, but he has been, in his strange Boyd way, fighting a good fight to try to stop his father from bringing evil to Harlan. So what does Raylan do?"

Boyd Stalks Around the House

Also a major cliffhanger on the episode? Boyd's father taking a bullet from a cartel member. Is he really dead?

"We just loved M.C Gainey's performance, and so we haven't decided," said Yost when asked about Bo's fate, adding about him and Johnny Crowder: "We didn't see either one of them die. We saw them go down, but we don't know for sure they're dead. If we want to keep them alive, we will, but we haven't decided that yet."

Finally, while Raylan's relationships aren't a central focus of the show, there's might be more of a true love triangle on season two, now that Winona and Raylan have done the deed again.

"[Winona] is freaked out by what happened, but she is interested," Yost said. "Raylan will always be the true love of her life. That doesn't mean she can live with him. He stirs a passion in her that Gary doesn't... Raylan's always going to be the guy for her, and to an extent, Winona's always going to be the woman for Raylan."

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When does season 2 start? Let's not keep this show such a secret...It's a terrific show with some of the finest acting we have ever seen. Should have been Emmy Winners all around. Somebody "fire up" the PR department. Looking forward to some great writing and acting this season.


Love the show. if you need a new love interest for Raylan , I'm down the road in Louisville


Why am I just discovering Justified? I thought it was a new series, then learned it began last year! I wouldn't have known about it at all, but saw Timothy O. talking about it on The View. You need to advertise it more or something..I would hate to see it canceled, because it has become one of my absolute favorites!


WHEN does season 2 of JUSTIFIED START????




Finally a show that both my fiancee and I love!!! I hope this next season does just as well and we can get a third season out of it!!!


i was just watching fx and season 2 start in feburary a long wait i hope they show season 1 first so i can watch sexy timothy olyphant again and not have to wait until feb to watch.


I'll repeat the question others have asked: When does Season Two start? Why hasn't any information come out. I'd like to set the DVR. Why the big secret?


I also would like to know when season 2 begins


Best show on TV - no arguments. When is season 2 starting - are the folks at FX deafm dumb and bling. Give us some info about season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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