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Boyd is in a bind and Raylan must take out an assassin on the Justified season 5 finale.


After Art's shooting Raylan targets Darryl Crowe Jr. while Boyd and Duffy make an unlikely ally on Justified.

"The Toll"

Raylan and Boyd reevaluate their moral boundaries on Justifed.


Both Raylan and Boyd end up on the hunt for Dewey Crowe on Justified.

"Wrong Roads"

Boyd makes a difficult decision of concerning Ava and Raylan partners with a DEA agent on Justified.

"Whistle Past the Graveyard"

Raylan tries to find a missing member of the Crowe family on Justified.

"Raw Deal"

Boyd heads south with the Crowes to get some business done while Raylan pursues a grifter on Justified.

"Kill the Messenger"

Boyd scrambles to try and protect Ava when she's moved to the state prison while Raylan looks for Revenge after Allison is attacked on Justified.

"Shot All to Hell"

Boyd must deal with a crushing defeat while a mob war brings about secrets from Raylan's past on Justified.

"Over the Mountain"

A relative puts Boyd's life in danger while Raylan tracks down a missing informant on Justified.